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December 2018


Bush 41 has passed away... and the war on terror should really be buried with him.

People are getting Bush the Father, and Bush the Son, confused with each other. Bush the Father didn’t start the War on Terror.. his son did. Bush the Father started the War on Drugs.

Still… the acts of either aren’t unrelated.

Why did Bush the Son speak as if Operation Iraqi Freedom would serve as justice for 9/11… when the guy who organized the 9/11 attack was actually from Saudi Arabia? Because 9/11 was exacted in revenge for what Iraqi soldiers witnessed during the Father’s Operation Desert Storm.

What happened during Operation Desert Storm?

I served in a medical unit during that war… and that shit was so fucked up. Most of the injuries we treated were self-inflicted… because our soldiers could not deal with what they had done, or with what they were expected to do.

Please, just go ahead and do the research yourself, because I don’t want to think about it anymore. Start with: Kuwait Turkey Shoot.

People might be upset with me for going on about all this since Bush 41 just passed away, but… I’m really annoyed with all this hero worship going on.

A thousand lights, blah, blah, blah… and yeah he ended the Cold War… but because of what he did… what he had our soldiers do during Desert Storm… it made our world a hell of a lot less safe. And he never had to answer for any of it. We are the ones who pay for it, and we will keep paying for generations as long as we keep pretending that it never happened.

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Stop the Insanity

How propaganda and cultural warfare negatively alters brain chemistry, and to how prevent/reverse the damage.

“In the year 2016 there was a sense that people were losing their minds… and no one knew why… until now.”

If you haven’t seen BrainDead yet, you really must. It’s a brilliant allegory for the insanity of contemporary politics. The hidden message? While engaged in political warfare, remember to enjoy life. Eat, drink, and be merry, y’all… before you lose your minds!

The story: An evil alien force is infecting people’s brains… causing them to be so obsessed with politics that they are pushed to extremes. And the only way to fight off the infection, is to force yourself to stop thinking so much and do something to increase your dopamine.

It’s written as a comedy, yet is tragic at the same time… because the ridiculous things that happen on the show are also actually happening in real life. Aliens may not be hijacking our brains, but viral campaigns that trigger and gamify our dopamine receptors certainly do affect the way we think and behave.

Personally, I can’t bring myself to completely step away from politics. The Culture War is real and I can’t ignore it. At the same time, I really don’t want to lose myself… I don’t want to forget who I am… I don’t want to lose my perspective… and I don’t want to end up losing the very things I’m fighting to preserve.

And so I’m really glad I watched this show. It forced me into self-reflection and helped me realize that if I don’t want to lose my mind… if I don’t want to lose touch with what keeps my heart and soul alive… I can’t let politics become an all-pervasive part of my life.

Moreover, I’ve learned that seeking a dopamine fix in more life affirming activities — such as, eating more chocolate, drinking more wine, getting more sunshine, sharing more hugs, listening and dancing to more music, baking, and hitting the gym — not only boosts my immunity to political obsession, but also feels so good, in the here and now.

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#infeKtion Patient Zero (Daily Stormer Exposé)

Why I think Andrew Anglin from Daily Stormer may be a Kremlin Operative... and a look at what may have been the Kremlin's first #infeKtion propaganda Op.

By now, everyone should know that the STORMER TROLL ARMY was responsible for turning Matt Furie’s Pepe into a racist MEME. What you might not know, is that this effort was launched by Andrew ANGLIN himself, when he created the KEK myth that proclaimed Pepe the Frog as a manifestation of the God of Chaos that early 20th century Nazis allegedly worshipped.

The SPLC reported that the myth was first posted in August of 2015 on the now defunct website, Atlantic Centurion. It was then reposted on ANGLIN’s Daily Stormer ( archive), but later deleted.

For a while now, I’ve suspected that Andrew ANGLIN is a Kremlin agent… mostly because of what I’ve read in White Supremacy forums from Old Guard American Neo-Nazis who have claimed, for years, that ANGLIN lives in Russia and is on the FSB’s payroll.

Last year, a reporter from the Atlantic was told that ANGLIN has lived in Russia since at least 2015, and it is confirmed that he mailed his 2016 absentee ballot from Russia.

Assuming that ANGLIN has indeed been working for the FSB, the Kremlin’s #infeKtion Op may have started a lot earlier than people think. ANGLIN started organizing a new, private forum for his STORMER TROLL ARMY in October 2014 (which he said he would be running from outside the country). He announced that the new forum was needed for major Ops he was planning and wanted to be successful outside of /pol/. The very first set of orders he gave to would-be-members of this new troll forum, was to continue spreading the Ebola-Chan viral MEME.

Meet #infeKtion Patient Zero. The original Ebola-Chan image was created by an anime artist, in response to global panic triggered by reports of infected nurses bringing the Ebola virus onto Western soil. Like Pepe, she was co-opted by the Alt-Right and turned into a viral hate MEME.

The main stated purpose of the STORMER TROLL ARMY was (and still is), “… to make trouble for our enemies, the filthy Christ-Killing Jews.” Originally used as a viral MEME for spreading xenophobia, it didn’t take much for them to turn Ebola-Chan into a Nazi icon.

Discussions about the MEME were where the narratives took shape; Evil Whites were using Ebola to genocide Blacks, evil Blacks were trying to sneak the infection onto Western soil to genocide Whites, it’s Us versus Them, and of course — the Ebola holocaust was somehow, a Jewish conspiracy.

Fortunately, Ebola-Chan wasn’t very popular outside of /pol/. ANGLIN’s Death Goddess barely hit the mainstream when The Washington Post ripped her to shreds.

The uninitiated didn’t think it was funny to make fun of death, and were disgusted by the sexualization of a disease (masturbation rituals were involved, but I’m not about to go into detail about that).

The very first MEME War actually happened in 2015, when alternative social media sites launched their campaign to stop Ebola-Chan. The whole thing was quite brilliant, and I think it would actually make for a good propaganda case study.

It started with “Anti-Ebola-Chan” profile stickers, and discussions about how Ebola-Chan worshippers were a bunch of sick necro-pedophiles who circle jerked (homo-erotically) to Lolita pics. This phase was actually quite effective at putting people off of the whole idea, and successfully quarantined the viral MEME’s spread.

Phase two included a counter MEME character, which sort of failed. Images of battles between Ebola-Chan and a new anime nurse called Cure-Chan began circulating. The intention was to cure Ebola-Chan worshippers by killing off the character. But the images were so violent that 4-chan moderators actually banned Ebola-Cure battle MEMES from the site. Might as well… since some in the Death Cult were actually starting to like them.

Then came ZMAPP-Chan (who I’ve chosen as my site mascot)… an already active MEME spreading awareness of the Ebola vaccine on Facebook… recruited for the “Stop Ebola-Chan” cause. The Death Cult lost faith in their Goddess as soon as they discovered that there was an effective real life cure for the real life virus… rendering her not so powerful after all.

The STORMER TROLL ARMY then turned their sights on Pepe. I suppose they learned a valuable lesson with Ebola-Chan, and made sure that their new mascot was one who was already mainstreamed.

Unsurprisingly, ANGLIN and other Alt-Right propagandists started anti-vaxxing shortly after Ebola-Chan’s fall from grace. As it turns out, vaccinations have a profound affect on the human psyche. Besides subduing xenophobia, studies at Yale discovered that vaccinations can even turn conservatives into liberals.

Andrew ANGLIN still uses her image on his website whenever there’s a new Ebola outbreak. But for the most part, ZMAPP-Chan has knocked her so far off her pedestal that hardly anyone pays attention to weak-sauce Ebola-Chan anymore.

This post was updated on 25DEC2018: Corrected typos.

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The Kremlin Agenda

Why it would be a huge mistake to ignore the Kremlin's Active Measures.

I think it’s super important that anyone actively engaged in cultural warfare in defense of Liberalism keep in mind that we are fighting this war on two fronts: Domestically, and from abroad.

We shouldn’t let ourselves fall into the trap of blaming Russia for everything. None of what they do would be possible without the help of our fellow Americans, and if we were not already messed up. Truth is, they didn’t create our problems. Rather, they discovered our pre-existing pain points and exploited them.

At the same time, we shouldn’t get so wrapped up in domestic affairs that we miss the bigger picture. The Kremlin isn’t fucking with us just for fun. They have an agenda, and a strategy… both of which involve us turning against each other, and so much more.

Once upon a time, like many Liberals, I had a lot of sympathy for Russia. What our oligarchs did to their country after the fall of the Soviet Union was atrocious and caused great hardship for their people. In my opinion, our government had a hand in establishing Russia’s Gangster Capitalism, and for this we should all feel a measure of shame.

But none of this means we should let Russia put its boot on our throat. If there was a way for our country to redeem itself… a just and peaceful way that actually amounted to good… I’d be all in for that. But I don’t think Russia is seeking reconciliation at all. They want revenge. Moreover, reconciliation runs counter to designs they have for themselves. Before Russia can be great again, “American Liberalism” must be destroyed and our country must be tuned into “Black Hole Space”.

“Black Hole Space” is where their revenge comes into play. If Russia has its way, America will end up worse than even North Korea has ever been. That wall Trump is building isn’t meant to keep others out… it’s meant to keep us in. Combined with a new, Western Iron Curtain, our great country will be turned into a giant prison… and we will exist as a nation of slaves to foreign powers who are sick of our shit and would love to make America their bitch.

That is the end of the long game they’ve been playing… as outlined in Russian military textbooks written by Aleksandr DUGIN… and we need to start taking it seriously.

Fortunately, much of the harm Russia does is indirect… which works in our favor. Their efforts require cooperation. Thus all we have to do, is stop cooperating. We need to (1) recognize and resist their efforts to co-opt us, and (2) create and enforce laws that make cooperation illegal.

What also works in our favor, is the fact that DUGIN has a huge ego and an even bigger mouth. Whether or not he has actually orchestrated all the fucked up shit that’s going on, he cant help but take credit for it.

At some point, I’ll publish details about these active measures, and ideas I have for counter strategies. For now, here is a rough summary that I posted on twitter a while ago.

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My News-Twitter Top Five

Twitter accounts that help me keep up with news that I've found useful for the Good Fight.

It’s way too difficult for me to keep up with everyone’s tweets if I follow more than 24 people. And so, I keep my list relatively small, limiting it to people who frequently share information that I find interesting and useful for the Good Fight. Here’s my top five list of people whose tweets I really don’t want to miss. Read more

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The Birthright Citizenship Issue Isn’t Just About Anchor Babies

How ending birthright citizenship would re-establish slavery in America.

Reposted from Twitter. Thus… apologies, for the tweet-speak.

We must be careful about how we let the GOP change the structure and definitions of the 13A, 14A, and 15A. These amendments were carefully crafted to not only end slavery, but to help end oppression. Cuz freedom alone doesn’t actually free people from oppression.

Trump’s EO to end birthright citizenship is propaganda. He can’t do that. But while we debate whether he can, we’re not talking about the actual repercussions of the idea itself. So, then, later, the argument focuses solely on “how” instead of “why” it should be done at all.

Two reasons why we should NOT do it: (1) It would render many people stateless, which is a crime against humanity. (2) It would establish a slave class in our country.

How would it create a slave class since slavery is illegal in our country? Cuz people born in the US, without citizenship anywhere, will not be deportable… nor will they have any rights. And the same would apply to their own children… and their children.

So… we have to talk about all of the above, and not just talk about whether or not Trump can end birthright citizenship via EO. Cuz legislation is already in the works that *could* do it via Congress.

Also, consider this: If they ended birthright citizenship before you were born, how could you personally prove, today, that you are a citizen? Your birth certificate wouldn’t suffice. My parents are no longer alive, and I have zero documents to prove that they were citizens.

If they end birthright citizenship, a lot of people in the future are going to have the same problem, and will instantly become part of the slave class. This is serious stuff, folks. Do we really want to become a slave state again?

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All the King’s Men (QAnon Exposé)

Team InfoWars and Trump's social media director started QAnon, and are now pretending the whole thing was a LARP, probably to avoid going to jail for plotting to overthrow the government.

Reposted from Twitter (with updates).

Trump’s presidency started falling apart before it even started… and try as they may, his damage control team hasn’t been able to keep the pieces together. While rumors of FBI indictments against Trump associates were being widely discussed in the Fall of 2017, TRUMP’s social media director propagated a competing narrative that, with the assistance of InfoWars Operatives and others, grew into a disturbing political movement that inspired several acts of domestic terrorism.

For those who don’t know what #QAnon is: Dude(s) claiming #Q-clearance post coded messages on stupid/chan/; Dude(s) claiming critical-thinking super powers decode those messages; Gov secrets (The Plan) are magically revealed about Trump killing the Deep State Cabal.

Initially, #Q Operative(s) would ask a series of leading questions, which I like to call a “Socratic circle jerk”. The questions were designed, IMO, to establish what their targets were willing to believe.


Archived Source.

Their very first set of questions were posted in a 4chan discussion thread about the indictment rumors. “Guess who’s going to jail?” Having targeted MAGA, the answers people came up with: Hillary & the Pedophiles!

#QAnon followers then took the shape of two camps. One, obsessed with #PizzaGate, #Pedogate, baby cannibalism, pedophile priests, and Satanic sex cults. It evolved into a Moral Panic Op, the likes of which the Soviet Union launched against us during the Cold War.

The other took on a political bent, obsessed with conspiracy theories about Clinton crimes and Deep State coverups. Most of these were things that the Bannon-Mercer propaganda machine came up with for Clinton Cash… but with some treason in the mix + … S. Rich.

Once #QAnon operatives were able to establish what people were willing to talk themselves into… de-coders stepped in and started shaping “The Plan”. But before “The Plan” could be set in stone they had to establish credibility.

Enter InfoWars:

I’ve shared that link before, but with little comment. I’d like to point out, now, that Jerome CORSI claims he MET with actual people IRL… said that he was approached, informed, and recruited to participate in a military coup. He even wrote a book establishing the backstory for this Junta: Killing the Deep State.

I’d also like to point out that Alex JONES held conference calls with alleged government “whistle blowers” on his show, giving QAnon the appearance of legitimacy. An all-night live broadcast, streamed when Trump bombed that empty Syrian airbase was one such occasion.

Jerome CORSI then became the premier #QAnon decoder… thus, guiding the narrative. There is a huge collection of vids about his “decoding” on youtube:…

Summary of “The Plan”: TRUMP would deploy military troops to the Southern Border. A crisis would somehow happen there, that would justify the declaration of martial law. Under martial law, Trump would round up enemies who he hadn’t already secretly whisked away to Gitmo. Tribunals & executions would be carried out.

Note: “The Plan” took shape long before the migrant Exodus from Central America , and long before Trump announced he was sending the National Guard to the border.

There are small variations. The Cabal could be the OBAMA/HRC regime, the Globalists, Satanists, Elitists, Liberals, whatev Bogeyman. And the crisis that would trigger the highly anticipated Police State could be caused be a migrant horde, Antifa, Commies, Liberals, or an army of angry women.

Mantras of “Trust the Plan” were recited whenever things didn’t go as they liked (often). That mantra evolved into “Be the Plan” after General MATTIS screwed up their Southern Border predictions (#OperationRedCastle)… prompting the #Q Faithful to encourage revolution ala #YellowVest. Unsuccessful attempts were made for a mass protest of General FLYNN’s sentencing… a failure they attributed to: “Trump supporters have jobs, and can’t just take off to DC whenever they like.”

Some of the #Q Faithful who watch InfoWars have adopted Pro-Russia positions, and believe that TRUMP has partnered w/ PUTIN to save the world. CORSI and the rest of those InfoWars jerks seem to love Russia… or at the least, are in favor of Détente. JONES has even had Aleksandr DUGIN on his show, and he has been a guest on DUGIN’s.


Here’s an example of the way CORSI conducted his #QAnon decode briefings. Those people, in turn, would do their own videos or social media posts to dissemiate. This is an important one, IMO. Good stuff starts at minute 8.


That video, actually, is probably not a good example of his ‘usual’ stuff. I think his followers thought it was pretty boring. But it should be super interesting to us who are aware of the Kremlin agenda…. since he claims to be the one who set up the TRUMP-KISSINGER pre-election meeting… which he says was about the Middle East and sounds like a violation of the Logan Act to me.

Here is one of his more typical “decodes”. Note that he continues to speak as if he personally knows #Q. Also, he implies that Admiral ROGERS was part of an earlier #Qanon coup d’état plot against the OBAMA administration.


Then, something happened in May…. and the whole InfoWars crew started freaking out and distancing themselves from the Op. I wonder why? ?

Here’s Alex JONES partially disavowing #QAnon.
CORSI is subpoenaed to testify the MUELLER Grand Jury.

Mueller Subpoenas Jerome Corsi, An Alex Jones & Roger Stone Associate Jerome Corsi is the hateful, lying schmuck who helped birth the smearing of John Kerry’s time on a swift boat in Viet Nam, trafficked in birtherism and was involved in other ugly rightwing ratfuckeri…

CORSI delays his testimony… starts negotiating a deal.





Very odd #QAnon troll Op starts up, calling CORSI and associates #FakeMaga…. perhaps an attempt to sever ties.





That #FakeMaga Op happened, btw, shortly after CORSI said he’s not taking the deal, explaining that things had changed and he needed to change strategies.

And here we go… Jack POSOBIEC freaking out, just like he did when FLYNN got indicted and he thought the FBI had tapped his phones… after all his #pizzagate bullshit, acting like he had nothing to do with #QAnon… vowing to get to the bottom of things. Except that, he accidentally confesses that he’s been in on the whole thing from the beginning (but forgot, then suddenly remembered?).


And here he is… kind of sort of getting to the bottom of things. This article, by the way, was deleted by OAN… but I grabbed the cache:

While OAN deleted the article, the video embedded in it is still on youtube for the moment. I downloaded a copy of it. You should too. It provides PROOF that MICROCHIP is the guy who has been dropping #QAnon breadcrumbs.


Based on the fact that POSOBIEC acted so excited when TRUMP noticed and re-tweeted him, I’m gonna guess that, while he and FLYNN go WAY back and some call him a Roger STONE protégé, he is NOT in Trump’s inner circle… and that he had/has no clue about MICROCHIP’s true identity. Had he been paying attention to what the Cold Warriors have been doing since the election, he might’ve known that we doxxed the mother fucker a while ago, and he should have thought twice about throwing MICROCHIP under the bus.


Never Mind The Russians, Meet The Bot King Who Helps Trump Win Twitter: “It’s All Us, Not Russians. And We’re Not Going To Stop”


Microchip’s real name is Justin McCONNEY (, and he’s been working as Donald TRUMP’s personal social media director since 2011 ( And here you’ll find more background on official work McCONNEY did for the Trump campaign.


In fact… a #QAnon Operative posted photographs meant to prove that he was either TRUMP, or someone working directly with him… and CORSI, who actually knows TRUMP personally, claimed early on that the whole thing was being coordinated with the President.





If there is any doubt about their intentions… Alex JONES stated publicly that it was their job to disseminate #Q info to the people, TO MOBILIZE THEM.

Chat logs reveal that, during the planning stage, #QAnon Operatives studied:

  • CIA PsyOp strategies for fomenting civil unrest and uprising;
  • A political novel (Q), in which question-based propaganda was used to push people to extremes, and to secure power by undermining political opponents;
  • “Avakian” style methods meant for starting a revolution.


Is it any wonder how such tactics, which included stories about repeated attempts on the President’s life, would radicalize and inspire followers to send letter bombs to Trump’s list of enemies, shoot up a synagogue that provides assistance to migrant caravans, and try to blow up the Hoover Dam?

These logs also reveal that #QAnon is not their only active measures campaign, and that they have even infiltrated and are exerting influence with Antifa groups.

I find it interesting that the #Q Faithful like to call Hillary an “enemy combatant” and somehow think that this statement from KAVANAUGH not only makes her one, but would also give Trump justification for suspending her civil rights to summarily execute her. Interesting… because… if other Justices agree with him about our “war time” status… this would make all their seditious plotting and advocating for a #Q-Junta totally illegal.

Watch that video embedded above again, starting at minute 7… through minute 8… when I’m pretty sure CORSI recognized that JONES just said something extremely incriminating… and it dawned on him, that…

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Post Updates:

25DEC2018: Added info about chat logs and the #QAnon planning stage.
25DEC2018: Added comments about anticipated “crisis”.
25DEC2018: Included introduction paragraph.
25DEC2018: Included screencap and archive link for #QAnon Op’s initial posting on 4chan.
05JAN2019: Added BallotPedia link to profile on McCONNEY.

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