The Azov False Flag

By Naomi Allen
25 Mar 2019

The US Embassy in Kyiv recently posted a warning to citizens in the area about expected violent demonstrations




The unnamed “nationalist group” were members of the Nationalist Corp, a legitimate political party whose members mainly consist of Azov Battalion military veterans, and who were demanding the arrest of officials involved in a defense department scandal.

While Ukraine has repeatedly informed the West that Azov Battalion are legitimate members of their national guard, Russia has insisted that they be labelled Nazi terrorists. Unfortunately, comments posted in response to this tweet reflect that the Kremlin’s efforts to malign the group have been largely successful.

Confusing them with separatists influenced by Aleksandr Dugin and his NazBol Eurasian Youth Union, some believe them to be co-opted by Russia.

“Not ‘Ukrainian nationalist group’, but ‘pro-russian natsi group, which are managed by the Russian secret services’. Please be objective in assessing the situation and do not deceive readers.”

Believing propaganda about the US orchestrating the Euromaidan Revolution, some think they are tools of US influenced regime change war.

“So you are not going to give them more arms and money?”

“Maybe one of McCains colleagues or Nuland will be arriving to support and hand out cookies . You have to keep the facist fed.”

Mistaking Ukrainian patriotic nationalism for national-socialism, others simply despise them because they believe them to be Nazis.

“Stop support nazis anti semitic regime in Ukraine glorifications ukrainian. Nazis killer’s jewish in. Holocaust and before in pogroms.”

This tweet totally set off a red flag for me:

The source of this misinformation about the New Zealand Terrorist’s Black Sun patch seems to originate from The Soufan Center.

IntelBrief: The Transnational Network That Nobody is Talking About — The Soufan Center In the wake of the New Zealand mosque attacks, links have emerged between the shooter, Brent Tarrant, and a Ukrainian ultra-nationalist, white supremacist paramilitary organization called the Azov Ba……

Up until the moment that TSC published their article, “nobody” was talking about it, because it simply is not true.

This patch, that the New Zealand shooter was wearing on his military vest, is what TSC says “links” the shooter with Azov Battalion.

There are several variations of the “Black Sun” symbol. This specific one is used by Neo Nazi Occultists. Lacking distinctive markings, no expert should attribute this generic symbol with a specific organized group.

This is the actual Azov Battalion’s actual patch:

And their military police add a variation of a Black Sun with ocean waves (symbolizing Atlanticism).

Even if you are one who believes that Azov Battalion are terrorists (which, they are not), the compared patches are very different.

But this didn’t stop TCS’s allegations from being repeated in a recent article about Ukrainian nationalists. APNews presented the Azov Battalion as an “ultranational” militia, and included comments from “experts” who claimed that Ukraine’s [unspecified] far right have ties with neo-Nazi groups throughout Europe.

The APNews site looks a bit off (broken code, missing imaged, etc) to me, and could possibly be a spoof page. Am waiting for a reply from Associated Press ( about it’s authenticity. In case the link disappears, here’s the achived link.

Particularly damaging, is the convoluted way the reporter speaks of “Azov Battalion”, “ultra-nationalists” and “neo-Nazis” without making distinctions between various groups. By doing this, the reporter leaves an impression that the Ukraine government has no control over their national guard troops — which could threaten continued support from the US government.

Fortunately, we have at least one member of congress who actually understands what is happening in Ukraine.

APNews is not the first to report that European mercenaries fought with the Azov Battalion. Vice once interviewed a few of these foreign fighters, reporting that very few of them were neo-Nazis. They also produced a documentary about Ukraine’s rogue (non-government ) militias, and reached out to TSC to point out that the Azov Battalion are not the only paramilitary fighters in Ukraine.

But, remember: There is no proof that the New Zealand shooter has any ties with Ukraine. His connection with the Identitarian Movement has, however, been confirmed. While anecdotal, this evidence would align him more with the Azov Battalion’s archenemy: The anti-Ukraine Eurasian Youth Union, led by Aleksandr Dugin.

Worth nothing, is the fact that the US government has long recognized Dugin and his Eurasian Youth Union as a danger to society, and has officially banned them from setting foot on US soil. In spite of these sanctions, the Russian ideologue has managed to exert influence over American citizens through streaming university lectures, guest spots on far-right media outlets, promotional efforts by alt-right provocateurs, and Identitarian fraternal organizations.

It is alarming to see this misinformation being propagated to provoke Western condemnation of the Azov Battalion… especially during the Ukrainian presidential elections, which would certainly be affected by how Ukraine perceives the West, and how they believe the West perceives them.

Ukraine’s 2019 Presidential Election: Between Past and Promise

Combine that with the Clinton-Ukraine scandal that some of us are predicting, and we may be in for a bumpy ride that aims to sever US-Ukraine ties. And it won’t help that a lot of the foreign actors that Trump associates were dirty-dealing with happen to be Ukrainian. That those Ukrainians were acting as Kremlin operatives is a nuance that non-Kremlinologists are unlikely to grasp.

If American leadership weren’t so focused on self-preservation (either of their selves, their interest groups, their political parties, or whatev political ideology), the public wouldn’t have to deal with these issues.

Unfortunately, we are governed by idiots, easily swayed by public opinion. The public debate over the Azov Battalion is sure to directly affect US support of the Ukraine military and its most effective fighting force against Russia.

It could also affect the American view of Ukraine overall. Some already believe that Ukraine is heavily infiltrated by Nazis, or that America has installed a Nazi regime there.

Even worse for Ukraine, would be if their leadership decided they needed to round up their militias (both those in their regular army, and rogue operators), else lose the confidence of Western nations. Such a move would surely weaken their battle-strength on the ground.


  • The Left-of-Center hate Nazism more than the Kremlin.
  • The Right-of-Center would relish a Clinton-Ukraine scandal, as an act of revenge.
  • Any countermeasures launched in defense of Ukraine would be bogged down by futile attempts to explain the complexities of their nationalism. Ukraine defenders may also be challenged with accusations of sympathizing with Nazis, or worse… accusations of treachery, from those who may grow to see Ukraine as our enemy.

My personal analysis of things as they unfold:

Clinton-Ukraine scandals are coming, and they will be paired with even more sophisticated propaganda framing Ukraine as Nazis. The Kremlin’s goals would be to turn American hatred toward Ukraine, away from Russia; to sow further chaos and deeper divisions on American soil; and to distract us from what the Russian Federation is doing abroad.

All of this would be welcomed by corrupt actors on either side of the political spectrum, who would like their own crimes to remain covered up.

The chaos would also be welcomed by all with anti-liberal agendas who crave revolution… the Cultural Conservatives, the Socialist Greens, the Channers… pretty much everyone but the liberal-minded on both sides of the aisle.

And while America is busy fighting against Herself … just like the Kremlin wants us to … China and the Russian Federation will continue growing their influence abroad. China, by acting charitable; Russia, by acting as the benevolent hero who will save the world from the American Imperialist Bogeyman.

Open Letter to C. Gralow

By Naomi Allen
25 Mar 2019

On Saturday, March 23, 2019 5:08 PM, Christine wrote a response to my blog post at, to which I replied…

Christine Gralow:

Answer to Paragraph 1

Regarding your assertation that the Civil [sic] Beat is wrong: I am not the Civic Beat. If you have a problem with something they wrote, take it up with them.

Answer to Paragraph 2

My piece does not include the articles you reference, because I am not performing a rhetorical analysis of them.

Answer to Paragraph 3

I really don’t know why you think you can persuade me to repeat *your* narrative. But nice try.

Answer to Paragraph 4

I have many sources. Would you point to a specific piece of information that you think requires attribution, and which you think you have a right to know the source of?

Answer to Paragraph 5

You’re right. While I do fact-check, and aim to write factually, I am not a fact-checker. I am an anti-propagandists… which often involves untwisting twisted facts, and performing exposition of distorted truths.

And if you think I am going to let you drag me into a debate about irrelevant “facts” that would further your effort to create associations that relate the unrelated, you are fucking high.

Answer to Paragraph 6

I would be happy to correct a factual error… if you could only point to one.

I most certainly will not apologize. Really. Are you naïve? Is this the first time your work as been peer reviewed?

And as far as agenda… I think I’ve made mine clear here:

Mahalo, Aloha!

Naomi Allen

#YangGang: Analysis of why alt-right trolls stan for Yang

By Naomi Allen
14 Mar 2019

I haven’t written about right-wing active measures for a while now. There really hasn’t been much, other than Qanon noise. Initially, I thought this had happened on purpose. I thought that the alt-right Nazis were toning down their racist rhetoric, the same way the Weimar Republic Nazis did, in order to solidify and grow their conservative base. But I now realize that the radical right is just plain fed up with Trump.

Cuz… Israel…

Chan propaganda Ops are starting up again, and they’re burning Trump in effigy. Alt-Right Trolls have picked a new Deity for their Death Cult and guess what? It’s a Democrat.

I did some snooping around the alt-right blogs to see if it’s all just a Clown Op (like the Tulsi Groyper Project), but I’m pretty sure this movement is genuine. Why? Because Andrew Anglin isn’t just spinning Memes, he’s actually defending them.

The latest #Infection: Trump is a potato head loser, beholden to the Jews. F*k the wall, secure the bag ($1K/month). Would you rather that money go to Israel? Better to be ruled by a Chinese spy, than another Israel puppet.

They’ve also renamed Trump’s slogan from MAGA to MIGA (Make Israel Great Again).

Pwning Boomers

Andrew Yang’s $1k/month UBI is a huge deal for them. They think it’s hilarious that he’s found a way to rob Boomers to give to Millennials. They view Yang’s policies as focused on benefiting younger generations at the expense of older ones.

They also think it’s hilarious that his policies could crash the economy. For the Chan Death Cult, Yang isn’t just a GEOTUS Hopeful — he’s a Horseman of the Apocalypse. One who they hope will smash the state and create enough chaos to trigger the Beginning of the End.

NazBol Party When?

And it didn’t take long for lefty chaos trolls to join the #YangGang… anarchists and eco-socialists who can’t wait to turn the world upside-down. Who would have guessed that the NazBol revolution would be wearing pink hats? It’s so ridiculous that few will take it seriously, until they have to.

Read more about the Chan Death Cult.

The Truth About Tulsi Gabbard’s “Cult”

By Naomi Allen
12 Mar 2019

Of all the Anti-Tulsi narratives, the one that really pisses me off the most is the one that Christine GRALOW started about her belonging to a weird cult. It pisses me off because I once actually believed it, and now feel so thoroughly embarrassed and ashamed that I ever succumbed to such bigotry.

Gralow’s Thesis

According to GRALOW, Tulsi belongs to a secretive religious cult with nefarious political aims.

Confirmation Bias

Back when I thought Tulsi was an Assadist, to be regarded with nothing but contempt and disdain, I was delighted to hear that she belonged to a weird-ass cult that most would find revolting. I didn’t even bother to consider whether any of it was true. I automatically embraced it because it confirmed my bias.

And I confess: I hadn’t actually read all of GRALOW’s articles before I had made up my mind to believe the story. I’d only read discussions about them.

Self-Admitted “Longform Journalism” … aka, Propaganda

It was not until after GRALOW contacted me on Twitter and sent me links to her blog that I actually did get around to reading her work. When I did, I found it all pretty suspicious. Especially after seeing that she calls what she does, “longform journalism“.

Interesting… Since longform journalism is otherwise known in academia as creative non-fiction… a form of writing that utilizes creative license or rhetorical device to draw conclusions that would not otherwise be drawn from the facts, alone. Ultimately, it is narrative propaganda.

Filthy Association

GRALOW actually spends very little time trying to prove that Tulsi belongs to a cult. Most of her effort is put into forming “filthy” associations… an old school propaganda technique that the Nazis used to embed nasty feelings about Jews. Even after I realized that the shady stuff had nothing to do with Tulsi, it took me a while to actually shake those associations off. That’s how conspiracy theories work–they call on the imagination to relate the unrelated, to create lingering associations.

Unfounded Rumors

The Honolulu Civil Beat previously investigated allegations posted in the internet forum Gralow admits to using as a source.

[25MAR2019 Note: GRALOW personally confirmed her use of the internet forum, when she wrote to inform me that it was not her only source, and berated me for not contacting her to verify irrelevant documents.]

After exploring all avenues, searching official records, and conducting in-real-life interviews, the Honolulu Civil beat debunked every controversial rumor about the so-called cult, and they found absolutely zero evidence that Tulsi was even a member of the Science of Identity Foundation.

They also conducted investigations offline to see if there was anything else to be concerned about, and discovered nothing nefarious.

I discovered a bit more than the Civil Beat did: How I accidentally discovered the dubious source of the smear campaign that frames Tulsi as a culty homophobe.

Prejudice and Conflation

Hawaii is a magnet for Hippies. Most of the posts in that forum were about childhood experiences that could have happened at any one of the hippie communes that once plagued the islands. But it is highly unlikely that any of them were about SIF, because SIF didn’t even exist until 1979, and it was never a commune.

When I realized that the “cult leader” GRALOW writes about is Chris Butler, I knew that her secretive cult narrative was a total lie. There is no secret Butler Cult. Chris Butler’s organization has always been mainstream, and his weekly lectures (when he gave them) were so public that it aired on local TV.

Chris Butler is not a cult leader. He is a hippie who once ran a small meditation studio and a hippie farm, who later became a local religious celebrity. Today, he is simply an eccentric old man who lives a quiet life, with a small entourage who takes care of him.

Ask any of the locals who live in East Hawaii about the Kailua Cult that Tulsi Gabbard is supposedly mixed up with and you’ll get one of two (or both) reponses:

Gralow’s Dubious Sources

The Rick Ross forum that GRALOW does all her research in is plagued with unreliable and disproven speculations that conflate “Krishna Cults” from around the world and the “Lanikai Cult” with Chris Butler and SIF.

A forum member who Christine GRALOW heavily relies upon for testimony is Rama RANSON. Besides testimony about overall cultiness, RANSON also alleges that SIF is tied to a drug smuggling ring and an unscrupulous land development project in New Zealand.

RANSON and others with similar claims have been successfully sued for slander and defamation. GRALOW is fully aware of the lawsuit lodged against RANSON, yet continues to use him.

GRALOW and RANSON would have people dismiss these lawsuits as a “cult tactic” used to silence dissenters. It is however worth noting that, as well as sharing culty stories and allegations of criminal activity, RANSON often suggests that SIF is a CIA MK-Ultra Op.

RANSON was also a member of the “truth seeking clan” led by Nicholas Bredimus who I write about here. According to RANSON’s own online lamentations, BREDIMUS had arranged the interview he gave for the New Zealand article linked above.

Today, it is Christine GRALOW who arranges his interviews.

Connecting Disconnected Dots

By using charged language, such as “cult leader” and “disciple”, GRALOW forms associations that lead people to imagine that Butler has mystical mind-control powers… as if he has a psychic bond with everyone who has learned his Yoga philosophy… as if everything such a Yoga practitioner does, is done so because of this psychic bond.

She leads one to imagine that there exists a nefarious mind-hive under his supernatural spell, in which Tulsi Gabbard should be held accountable for what another Yoga practitioner does, even if she doesn’t know the person, and even if it happened on the other side of the world, or before she was even born.

Questionable Intentions

As a former professor of journalism, Christine GRALOW should know all about how dishonest these rhetorical devices are… which makes me question her motives and integrity.

[25MAR2019 Note: GRALOW informed me that she spent a year researching the story before she started writing it. This contradicts her previous claims about starting her investigation after she was “stalked” by “Butler devotees” for daring to ask Tulsi about her trip to Syria. If her new claim is true, this would mean she started her investigation no later than the 2016 election cycle, long before Tulsi even went to Syria. In her ‘Open Letter to the ACLU’, she claims an entirely different motive: That she started investigating the group because she found them “interesting”, and barely knew who Tulsi was at the time.]

[30APR2019 Note: Contradicting herself once again, GRALOW claims that she has “years of experience” in dealing with the Gabbard PR Team.]

Fomenting Hinduphobia

GRALOW often says that “the cult” is trying to silence her with accusations of fomenting Hinduphobia. These accusations are not without merit. Here’s one example of that xenophobia from comments posted to her blog, from a woman who is now terrified of her Hindu neighbors since reading GRALOW’s hit pieces:

“I often wondered where they got their money. They don’t work, their kids run the lane all day and seem to have no respect for their neighbors. This is a sad day for Kailua. Aloha and welcome is something they do not respect. I know all to well of the problems of these people. They moved in about 15 years ago and now [note from girlyGRRRL: It is only “now” that she starts to feel they are a threat] they are trying to get rid of everyone who is not of their cult in my lane. I had to get a camera to show what is going on around my house. I feel invaded. I feel I have to protect myself. Cars go in and out of the lane more than 30 times a day. They must be wealthy , they all have 2 new cars and are able to pay the high rent without working. I was open and friendly at first, now I am tired of people coming in and trying to make you feel like you don’t belong. I will not move!”

Another reader (Rama RANSON) commented:

“So I have suspicions wether [sic] this cult has any connections to the “deep state”, wether [sic] it was the project of an intelligence agency all along …”

To which, GRALOW replied:

“Several readers – including a former Butler disciple – have emailed regarding MKUltra …”

o.m.f.g. //done//

25MAR2019: Added reader comments from GRALOW’s blog. [1, 2]
25MAR2019: Added paragraph about “long form journalism”.
25MAR2019: Added comments about cult conspiracy forum.
25MAR2019: Corrected errors pointed out by GRALOW related to the age of the Civil Beat article, and removed a poorly worded and confusing statement about how the article fact-checks GRALOW’s work.
26MAR2018: Corrected hippy commune era dates after checking a few things with local historians.
26MAR2019: Added info about the Buddhafields.
16APR2019: Added Twitter thread link with more info about referenced cult conspiracy forums.


How the Lunatic Fringe is Radicalizing America

By Naomi Allen
03 Mar 2019

Phase One.

Republicans (to each other): “We don’t have a racist problem. MAGA radicals are fringe. Ignore the Dems. They think everything we do is racist.”

Democrats (to each other): “We don’t have a socialist problem. Green radicals are fringe. Ignore the GOP. They think everything we do is socialist.”

Phase Two.

MAGA: “Join our WINNING party line! Build the Wall to save us from invasion!”

Greens: “Join our WINNING party line! Built the Green War Machine to save us from extinction!”

Phase Three.

MAGA to the common man: “The wall is the ONLY way to deal with the migrant crisis. Those who tell you otherwise don’t care about your safety. They wish you harm!”

Greens to the common man: “The Green War Machine is the ONLY way to deal with the climate crisis. Those who tell you otherwise don’t care about your safety. They wish you harm!”

Phase Four.

MAGA Coalition: “Vote for our agenda, or be PRIMARIED. OUT with the ESTABLISHMENT! The people are with US!”

Green Coalition: “Vote for our agenda, or be PRIMARIED. OUT with the ESTABLISHMENT! The people are with US!”

Phase Five.

Both sides: “All or Nothing. This is an existential crisis. Our lives depend on it. Take no prisoners!”

Most American politicians seem to think they need to stoke existential crisis and run their political campaigns as if they’re mobilizing us for war… against each other. But seriously… I think most of us are sick and tired of this bullshit. We are exhausted. We would welcome a politician who isn’t trying to amp us up. We want someone who will reassure us that everything will be okay… someone who will say, “We’ve got this.”

Here’s what I realize. American voter turn out is a lot lower than most democratic countries. We usually only show up at the polls if we think something is wrong and we want someone to fix it. The MAGA machine understood this. They looked for and identified pain points they could exploit and trigger a movement with. And right now, the Democratic party is doing the same fucking thing.

Pain points. Politics isn’t just trying to influence us anymore… they are making us hurt. And they are making us hurt each other. On purpose.

I’m so fed up with this shit.