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Actually… I stand with Ukraine.

Debating with Kremlin Trolls about Ukraine Nazis isn't worth the trouble. It's a bad faith argument on their part. Best thing to do is to let them know that you know the truth.

My advice when trolls hand you the Ukraine Nazi line, is to not even debate the issue. They’ll beat that dead horse in circles. Just send them a link to my piece on the Azov Black Flag Op.

I disagree. Your links all derive from US intelligence sources or their subsidiaries.

So you’re saying you trust Russia’s word over anyone else’s. Got it. Thanks for stopping by.

Typical response… similar to how my sons would behave when I’d ask them if there were smoking weed in the basement. “Why would you ask such a thing? How offensive!”

Where did I say that? I have been nothing but polite, and you respond with dismissive condescension. Followed by a healthy dollop of rude snark. Forgive me my misguided expectation of intelligent discourse.

So… are you denying it then?


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