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Actually… Russia has been messing with us for decades.

Common Kremlin (and pro-Kremlin) Theme: Russia isn't messing with us. That's just American propaganda.

Watts is the smartest *real* active measures analyst, shunned by the Trump-Russia insta-analysts (who used to write romance novels and health blogs) when he started saying ppl needed to stop pushing the narrative of “Trump collusion” & stop calling for mass protests

I’m unclear as to what you’re saying. Are you an advocate of the Russian meddling theory?

Russia’s been messing with us for decades. That is a fact. The real question is, why are they suddenly effective? They are now so effective, cuz others in our own country are working the same agenda. This is also something Watts has said.

Here’s where the troll give him/herself away, referring to the United States as “they”.

Actually, it isn’t a fact. It’s what you’ve been taught, but it’s not factual. Goes all the way back to WW2, when Russia lost 27 million people. Who do their “allies” rebuild in the post-war? Germany and Japan. US aggression continues from there.

Seriously, it is a fact. That’s what the Cold War was about. That’s what Stalin bitched about (not being able to turn us). Bertrand Russell even wrote a book about how we had to be turned commie, for Russia to survive. & Gorbechev said climate alarmism would be the way to do it.

The cold war was capitalism vs. communism. We can hardly argue about which was/is the greater evil in a venue that limits discussion to barely a paragraph at a time. Capitalism won, btw.

If by “Capitalism won” you mean to say the SU fell and we shouldn’t worry about them trying to turn us into commies anymore, you might want to rethink that, since there’s a Stalinist revival going on over there & Rus Fed is re-establishing puppet states in the former soviet blok.

Along those lines… we really must get rid of the Bush doctrine. The Rus Fed knows our playbook, and has been using it to gain footholds everywhere. Our country tries to foment regime change, and Rus Fed swoops in to save the day. Stupid of us to keep doing this.

Mentioning awareness of modern day Russian expansionism will sometimes freak out a Kremlin troll. They recognize such things as a dangerous game that could lead to a revival of Anaconda policies (forced isolationism) against them, if America knows what they’re up to. Make sure to help them understand that we do.

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