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Work in Progress: Khalistani Subterfuge and PsyOps

Notes and source links for a story I'm working on about an Anti-Hindu Hate Group's attempt to influence US politics, and their propaganda Ops against Indic and Hindu politicians. Last updated: 20APR2019


Pieter FRIEDRICH, aka Pieter Singh, advocate for the Khalistani separatist movement.

FRIEDRICH got my attention when Christine Gralow shared a vid of him confronting Tulsi Gabbard about her so-called ties with Hindu fascism.

After a bit of twitter banter, I discovered that he is actually the originator of the RSS Princess narrative.

Related thread on Twitter, debunking the RSS Princess Myth:

What is the Khalistani Movement?

I spent a good week researching his “human rights” group, the Organization for Minorities of India (OFMI), and was astounded.

Background on Khalistani separatists, their goal to establish their own theocratic fascist state, and their terrorist activities:

Short documentary on the Khalistani Movement’s activities in Canada:

Support for the Khalistani Movement from the government of Pakistan:

Don’t be fooled… the Khalistani Movement is not about human rights. They even attack other Sikhs who don’t agree with their fascist ideology or who don’t support their separatist movement:

How the Khalistani Movement Foments Hinduphobia in Western Nations

I did a vid about this, cuz I got sick of people accusing me of not being a real person. My accent? I grew up in Hawaii.

Hinduphobia is no joke. In 1987, there was an outbreak of violence against Hindus in New Jersey, by a hate group called “Dot Busters“.

In the video above, I say that the RSS are thugs. I stand corrected. This was based on info given me by a colleague in Pakistan, who recently explained that this is his personal view, which should be considered biased.

While the RSS are often blamed by various groups as a source of violence, my own recent research into formal independent investigations conducted by legit outside organizations, such as the UN and Amnesty International, found that their conclusions did not cite the RSS as responsible for, or even involved with any specific incident of violence.

Pieter Friedrich and those who repeat his narrative often conflate the RSS, India’s majority party (the BJP), and American Hindu organizations as “linked” because they allegedly share Hindutva ideology.

Expert sources which reveal that Hindutva is not an “ideology” but a demographic label used to identify people who practice Indic religions, and which explain that because this demographic is the “majority” in India, anti-Hindu propagandists often deceptively morph its meaning in Western minds as Hindu Majority -> Hindu Supremacy -> Hindu Nationalism -> Hindu Fascism. These experts are neither biased activists nor random pundits. They are legit, peer reviewed, bona fide scholarly experts.

Pieter Friedrich and the OMFI’s direct involvement in the Khalistani Movement

I’m not talking about “ties” or “links” or connecting dots here. Pieter Friedrich and the OMFI are part of the Khalistani Movement.

About Binder — a founding member of groups Pieter has belonged to, including his current organization, the OMFI — and his terrorist activities:

Binder named in founding documents as organizing member of the Sikh Youth of America:
Pieter Friedrich and the OMFI’s attempts to influence US politics

As I mentioned in my video above, I discovered that everything people cite as evidence of Tulsi being “controlled” by India, happen to be things she did that countered FRIEDRICH’s own efforts to further his Khalistani agenda.

Under his religious name, Peter Singh, lobbying congress for legislation condemning Hindutva as a violent extremist ideology (measure, effectively blocked by Tulsi Gabbard):

Lobbying the congressional Sikh Caucus to recognize the 1984 riots that happened in India when Khalistani terrorists assassinated their Prime Minister as “the 1984 Sikh Genocide”:

Also, during these attempted meetings above, they pleaded for the release of political prisoners in India. What the article fails to mention, is that the “political prisoners” that the “Sikh activist” was on a hunger strike for, were in prison charges of terrorism. The article published by a Khalistani owned news site described the offices of Reps Eshoo and Honda as hostile… hopefully this means they knew what these guys were up to.

Lobbying effort to insert Hinduphobic language in California textbooks (unsuccessfully blocked by Tulsi Gabbard). Please notice how Pieter arbitrarily refers to protestors as the “Hindu Nationalist Lobby”:

OFMI Khalistani Nationalists, protesting the 2018 World Hindu Congress
Protesting the World Hindu Congress, which he has demanded Tulsi Gabbard and other Hindu legislators condemn (out of fear that their involvement with the group legitimizes them). You’d be hard pressed to locate an American Hindu organization that Pieter doesn’t label as fascist. Notice the banner about the Indian caste system. which has actually long been abolished — but the Khalistani pretend it still exists to gain SJW sympathy. He also lies about being a “Christian” to gain support from conservative politicians. His intermittent use of the name “Pieter Singh” is proof that he is not a Christian, but has converted to Sikhism.

26APR2019 Update: Friedich’s OMFI protest Tulsi at SheThePeople2020:

— TwitRant —

They also now seem to be targeting congressman Ro Khanna

Pieter Friedrich’s propaganda efforts to frame Tulsi Gabbard as a Hindu Nationalist and destroy her political career

Promoting Tulsi-phobia on Twitter. Note: “@SaffronWatch”:

Twitter thread on propagandists who Pieter Friedrich networks with online to weaponize Tulsi Gabbard’s religion against her, while seeding Hinduphobia and pushing his Khalistani agenda:

Main Narrative Builders/Propagators (as shown in Twitter thread above):

I started calling this propaganda network, the Khalistani Knitting Circle.

Sameera KHAN, a former New Jersey Beauty Queen who has worked for Russia’s propaganda network, RT.

Christine GRALOW, A “long form” blogger who also lives in Kailua, Hawaii, who pushes the Tulsi mind-hive cult narrative. I wrote an analysis of her work, posted here. Also, please read about her sources.

Shay HODGES, a former primary challenger of Tulsi’s congressional seat.

Mainstream Echo: The first mainstream publication to pick up propaganda seeded by Friedrich and Bredimus was Paste Magazine.

Social Media Amplifiers:

Louise MENSCH, and other Republican Never-Trumpers who have been promoting the Trump-Collusion narrative. MENSCH continues to sling accusations against Tulsi that she admits are completely baseless:

Caroline ORR, and others in the ShareBlue media network who have been shilling Tulsi-hate since the presidential election, blaming Hillary’s loss on Tulsi “disrespecting” Hillary Clinton during the primaries. ORR perpetuates propaganda narratives against Tulsi, for which she has no proof, but is currently fundraising to help finance her efforts to find the evidence she would need to back up her allegations.

Bill PALMER, and other yellow journalists who publish outrage propaganda.

Miscellaneous political operatives who’ve been trying to challenge Tulsi out of her congressional seat amplify this nonsense as well, for political reasons. It’s pretty gross.

The Amin Twitter Troll Network:


When confronted, Pieter Friedrich’s only comment on my research was: “You’re confused.”

Christine GRALOW’s comments are included in the piece I wrote about her work… which only serves (in my opinion) to confirm that she is a liar. She’s threatening to sue me, now. My answers to her interrogatories are publicly posted here.

Shay HODGES has objected to being called a political opponent of Tulsi’s, and I’ve corrected my description of her to read: “a former primary challenger”.

29APR2019: Association with ISFY may be inaccurate, thus references to it has been removed.

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© girlyGRRRL. MLA: Allen, Naomi. "Work in Progress: Khalistani Subterfuge and PsyOps". girlyGRRRLblog, 2019, Accessed 17 Oct 2019.

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Apparently, I’ve run afoul of this Christine Gralow person. I’ve been harassed by someone else on twitter who’s been posting this whole Chris Butler narrative making Tulsi out to be some kind of Manchurean candidate. I called him a stalker (he seeks out my every post and barrages me with me with bizarre negative claims about Gabbard.) Anyway, I linked your blog info as a means of refutation, Gralow got wind of it(are these people working in concert?), and now I’m wondering if these people are dangerous. Or if I should have asked you before posting your stuff. It was a kneejerk reaction, and I am also truly sorry if I put you at risk. They sound nuts. I don’t care if Tulsi is an adherent of the Church of the Flying Spaghetti monster, I just like her policies. A lot. Any advice? And again, I apologize for not asking permission to post your site…if that’s a no-no.

Yes, they are working in concert, and they all know about my website.

I’ll try to explain to u the exact propaganda and fake news being spread against Hindus and India through paid Indian media and international media:
1) India is a secular democracy, where majority are Hindus. India has been created by partitioning India & Pakistan. All of the pakistanis are muslims, who are by religion- taught to hate non muslims like Hindus and Jews. So when India attained freedom in 1947, the muslims then attacked Hindus and killed and displaced nearly 7 million people.
2) You have to understand, Hindus are an Indic religion, oldest civilization existing since 70,000 BC. 20,000 BC earliest scripture available in India. When muslim invaders from Arabia invaded India, they raped and converted multi-million number of Hindus in 300 years.
3) Hindus were then forced to become a British colonial state under british queen who further looted and tortured Indians for 200 years.
India has basically been looted over and over for money & gold.
4) When the britishers left in 1947, Muslim saw this as an opportunity to harrass Hindus even further. It was then, that the Hindu Genocide happened again. With Hindu women being gang raped, islamic symbol being horribly created on the victims body, breats cut off, paraded naked on streets, kids murdered, some of the Hindu women being forced to eat their own kid’s flesh as well. Babies as young as 3 years old were raped by these monsters.
5) As a result, Hindus either killed their own family to save their dignity or fled the part of India (now pakistan) and started a new life here.
6) So u see, the Hindu Genocide has claimed over 90 million dead in over 800 years, most of it due to islam and some of it due to Britishers and britisher-induced artificial famines before they fled India.
7) The Sikh founder Gurunanak was a Hindu, who created Sikhism- basically a warrior clan, to protect the people from muslims. But in today’s time, the Sikhs still support muslims because of some religious similarities between both religions. Both sikhism and islam are Abrahamic. So basically, the objective of creating sikhism was defeated. They ended up again targetting Hindus.
8) In 1980s, a terrorist called Bhindranwale got inspired by how the muslims did Hindu Genocide to claim their share of India from the infidel Hindus and tried the same tactic to create Khalistan- sikh country by breaking India and targetting Hindus again.
9) He then started terrorizing the Hindu population in Punjab, a Sikh-majority state with many of his fanatical followers. Our PM then, Indira Gandhi, got fed up of his terrorism and decided to get rid of him and his followers. She, with the help of Indian Army, bombed their place of hiding- a gurudwara in Amritsar known as Golden Temple today to save India from further breaking up.
10) One of the Sikh bodyguards of the PM who was a closet fanatic then assassinated Indira Gandhi in 1984 and Indira Gandhi’s party (Indian National Congress) got angry. Riots took place in India where Sikhs were targetted by Congress Party workers. Many muslims too, took out their swords and helped the Congress party in this genocide. (Congress has always been a muslim-oriented party who did even more damage to the Hindus after partition) No Hindu was involved in this genocide except some congress workers.
11) In the 73 years after freedom, India has still not become a safe place for Hindus, they were trapped with muslim Congress party from 1947 till 2013. 96% of the 90 million population of muslims in India during partition voted for parition. But 30 million muslims stayed behind in India, because the congress helped them by not forcing them to walk their talk. Founding PM of congress was Jawaharlal Nehru- Muslim, followed by his daughter who was PM- Indira Gandhi.
12) Hindus were forced to remain “secular” democracy with their killers. Whereas Pakistan became an “islamic republic” as soon as partition was over.
13) Constitution of India was framed to cripple the Indic Hindu majority left in the country- no equal rights for Hindus, Hindus have no rights to run their temples, temple donations from Hindus are controlled by govt and used to give salaries to imams of muslim madrassas and priests of christian churches while the Hindu priest stays perpetually poor. Hindus are not allowed to study their own language (Sanskrit) just like muslims study urdu or persian.
Hindu temples pay taxes and utility bills, whereas mosques and churches are free to do whatever they want without tax and bills.
Hindus cannot teach their children any religious prayer or teach religious text, whereas mosques openly teach the quran.
These equal rights have still not been granted to Hindus till today.
14) When Congress party fell in India and Modi’s BJP got elected, it was as if Hindu prayers were answered. No rampant corruption like congress was ther in BJP and also, BJP realizing the plight of Hindus being bombed every 3 months through terror attacks by pakistani muslims over 73 years fixed the terrorist problem.
15) Kashmir is one such issue. The Kashmiri Pandits (Hindus) have suffered terrible atrocities since 700 years with 6,00,000 fleeing to save their lives from pakistani infiltrator jihadis. Kashmir being a muslim majority state then started settling more and more pakistanis into India from across the border. Congress gave Kashmir special status through Constitution because of which the terrorists killed innumerable Indians with no consequences. Special status meant non-applicability of laws to Kashmir like prevention of corruption act, no legality to LGBTQ community, no right to education for kids, caste discrimination which forced even educated kids of lower caste to remain lower caste, no rights to Kashmiri women to marry rest of the Indian boys outside of Kashmir, no right for any of the Indians to buy land in Kashmir or settle there.
All this forced Kashmir to become even more infiltrated with muslim terrorism and more intolerance.
16) 42,000 people have been killed by Kashmiri muslims and hence the Indian Army is strict with them to not allow them to come down to other states in India and carry out terror attacks. Hence, Modi has imposed curfew in Kashmir through internet ban to stop the terror groups to telecast and again undertake violence till things cool down. Most of the restrictions are already removed. Out of 182 police stations in Kashmir, area only under 3 police stations is under restrictions at the moment.
17) Removing the evils by removing the special status and giving equal rights to all Indians is why the muslims and sikhs are angry with India. Because we are non-muslims.
Truth from the life of a Hindu Indian. Hope this helps u understand things and u will speak out for us Hindus.

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