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May 2019

Stop lying to us, damn it!

America is ready for truth.

What does it mean when people are labelled “anti-establishment”? Sometimes it amounts to accusing people of hating or mistrusting our government. Some of our citizens actually are self-loathing Americans. But a large number of us who are targeted with this slur neither hate America, nor do we stand against our democratic institutions. What we do oppose, is the established government policy of force-feeding ‘noble’ lies down our throats.

Recently, Joe Biden revealed himself as a card carrying member of that Establishment of ‘Noble’ Lies.

His comment leads many to assume that Venezuela’s recent presidential election is illegitimate. If it were so, then it would be logical for us to, “… stand with the National Assembly & Guaidó in their efforts to restore democracy through legitimate, internationally monitored elections.”

But… it isn’t so. And… here’s the truth:

For whatever reason — probably because their country was a mess, and our country was threatening to impose harsh sanctions if they didn’t get their shit together — Maduro called for an early presidential election. Other party leaders were rightfully upset about this sudden news. So then, their political parties got together; they agreed to the special election and a date to hold it. After the vote, Guaidó, who led the second largest political party, insisted that the whole thing was illegitimate due to lack of public participation. However… that lack of participation was his own fault… because he was the one who called on the public to boycott the agreed upon election to begin with.

And here’s another reality that people should consider: The UN recognizes Maduro as the rightful president of Venezuela. By recognizing Guaidó as their interim president, the United States is behaving contrary to international law.

But don’t take just take my word for it. Do the research yourself.

Mahalo, Aloha!

P.S. Election boycotts are stupid.

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Abortion is Nothing to Celebrate

Stop trying to de-stigmatize abortion. There is nothing good about having to make such an awful choice.

I am personally offended by the left-wing trend that encourages women to post their liberating abortion stories, as if it were something to celebrate. I believe in choice, and that having this choice is liberating… but abortion itself, is somber. And I find it very sad that women sometimes feel that they have to make this choice at all.

I am one such woman.

Do I need to explain how messed up it is to be single and pregnant at 18 years old, by a guy who tells you that he doesn’t want to be a father, and that if you have the child he would leave the state and have nothing to do with you? And on top of this — to have your family threaten to disown you, rather than bear the burden and embarrassment of your bastard? Or to carry the tremendous guilt and shame of not being brave enough, or strong enough, to sacrifice your relationship with the rest of your family, to raise a child all on your own?

And while other women relate their stories as if the experience was as easy as having a wart removed, my own experience was a total fricken nightmare… because I was further along than we thought. I’ll refrain from the details and say, only, that it was traumatizing.

When our political parties bring up abortion, they both piss me off. Democrats need to shut the fuck up about being pro-choice, if abortion is the only choice they’re talking about (presenting one option, does not amount to offering a choice at all). And Republicans need to stop going on about being pro-life, if they refuse to support programs that help single mothers and poorer families raise their children, and if they don’t start working to eliminate the reasons that cause women to even consider abortion in the first place.

If you really think about it… Pro-Life and Pro-Choice activists could really do a lot more to further their causes and to help women if they started working together, to make sure that abortion is not a woman’s only viable option.

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Even Dirt-Bags Like Assange Have Rights

Extraditing Assange over arbitrary charges sets a dangerous precedent, not only for journalists in general, but also for political asylees under our own protection.

I really do think that Assange is a Kremlin pawn. But… I am against any US attempts to prosecute him for collaborating with Manning for the same reasons why Obama admin were, back in 2013.

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I took a look at the chat logs they’re using as evidence for the hacking conspiracy charge, and I don’t think it will stand at all. Manning doesn’t even say what the hash string is for.

Feds Say Assange Chat Logs Document Hacking Conspiracy As a battle over the expected extradition of Julian Assange heats up in the United Kingdom, a newly unsealed U.S. court filing details how the WikiLeaks founder tried to cover his tracks.…

IMO, the charge is arbitrary, and when we start using the law arbitrarily like this, for political reasons… this is a break down in Rule of Law. No matter what you think of Assange, if you respect the Rule of Law, you shouldn’t be okay with this move.

Obama admin felt that if they tried to extradite Assange on such weak evidence, it would set a bad precedent, which would allow other countries to charge & extradite foreign journalists on equally weak evidence or accusations alone…

… but this doesn’t just put journalists in danger. Erdogan has been trying to extradite Gulen from the US for years. If reasons for extraditing Assange are allowed to stand, that precedent could be used to force us to deliver Gulen to Turkey.

And this really has me wondering… Trump admin must know the evidence is so weak, that the Assange case will be thrown out of court. Why extradite at all? Unless… you’ve been trying to figure out a way to serve Gulen’s head on a silver platter to Erdogan.

Turkey says Trump working on extraditing wanted cleric Gulen U.S. President Donald Trump has told his Turkish counterpart Tayyip Erdogan that Washington is working on extraditing a U.S.-based Muslim cleric accused of orchestrating a failed Turkish coup in 2016……

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© girlyGRRRL. MLA: Allen, Naomi. "Even Dirt-Bags Like Assange Have Rights". girlyGRRRLblog, 2019, Accessed 17 Oct 2019.