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Abortion is Nothing to Celebrate

Stop trying to de-stigmatize abortion. There is nothing good about having to make such an awful choice.

I am personally offended by the left-wing trend that encourages women to post their liberating abortion stories, as if it were something to celebrate. I believe in choice, and that having this choice is liberating… but abortion itself, is somber. And I find it very sad that women sometimes feel that they have to make this choice at all.

I am one such woman.

Do I need to explain how messed up it is to be single and pregnant at 18 years old, by a guy who tells you that he doesn’t want to be a father, and that if you have the child he would leave the state and have nothing to do with you? And on top of this — to have your family threaten to disown you, rather than bear the burden and embarrassment of your bastard? Or to carry the tremendous guilt and shame of not being brave enough, or strong enough, to sacrifice your relationship with the rest of your family, to raise a child all on your own?

And while other women relate their stories as if the experience was as easy as having a wart removed, my own experience was a total fricken nightmare… because I was further along than we thought. I’ll refrain from the details and say, only, that it was traumatizing.

When our political parties bring up abortion, they both piss me off. Democrats need to shut the fuck up about being pro-choice, if abortion is the only choice they’re talking about (presenting one option, does not amount to offering a choice at all). And Republicans need to stop going on about being pro-life, if they refuse to support programs that help single mothers and poorer families raise their children, and if they don’t start working to eliminate the reasons that cause women to even consider abortion in the first place.

If you really think about it… Pro-Life and Pro-Choice activists could really do a lot more to further their causes and to help women if they started working together, to make sure that abortion is not a woman’s only viable option.

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