Tulsi: Really-Not-Really a Long Suspected DINO

My former experience as a Guerrilla Marketer and Grey-Hat SEO Operative has served my online fight against propaganda and online active measures pretty well. It’s made it easy to recognize a planted story when I see one, and I am able to figure out (and show) exactly how such things were orchestrated.

Today, while investigating certain patterns in anti-Tulsi Twitter accounts, I noticed a blog piece that people started passing around in March of 2016, meant to demonstrate how the people of Hawaii have long doubted Tulsi’s commitment to progressive values.

Archive Link: Tulsi Gabbard Tamayo – Stealth Candidate in Hawaii?

This blog piece, dated 2010, not only spoke of Tulsi’s alleged cult connections and conservativism, but as well mentioned that her challenger, “obviously cannot trot out the guru or the cult or even the record of Tulsi’s parents in her own campaign.”

The site’s disclaimer is super interesting:

All of ShadowProof’s content dated prior to 01 AUG 2015 and published under the “Community” tag, as this one is, originated from a different, now defunct website: Firedoglake.com

But… the article in question doesn’t even show up in the web archive for the time period that it was supposed to have been published.

Archive: Firedoglake.com, 17 Oct 2010 WayBack

The reason why Tulsi’s opponent wasn’t talking about the “Butler Cult” or her family’s conservative history back in 2010, was because none of that was even an issue or anything anyone was actually concerned about. The article in question was likely backdated and planted, to stir up controversy today.

One of the things that the article mentions is the “Stop Promoting Homosexuality” thing… something I’ve already shown (on Twitter) to be a totally fake, planted story:

And I’ll keep trotting out this story until I’m blue in the face:

Mahalo, Aloha!

Tulsi Gabbard’s alleged ties with a money laundering ring.

Originally posted on Twitter.

Is this a dare, or a double dare? 🙃

On meanwhileinhawaii.org, Christine Gralow alleges: A chain of health food stores in Hawaii is owned by a criminal. 2 guys, implicated in his crimes work for him. Butler is co-owner of these health food stores. Other Hindus work/shop at these stores. It’s all *connected*.

Something like that, anyway.

So… the parent company of the company that owns these health food stores is QI group, which Eswaran & Bismark co-founded. Tibby worked for the company (he’s now retired). According to Gralow, they’re all wanted criminals in India & the Philippines.

According to Gralow, Eswaran and Bismark are wanted in the Philippines for racketeering. Tibby is wanted in India for “absconding” charges of money laundering. So… they’re dirty a/f, tho (she adds), she doesn’t know if any of this “illicit” money made it to Tulsi’s campaign.

Except: She is grossly elaborating, and there was/is no criminal activity. She omits the fact that all the charges and claims were found to be bogus and were dropped. These are legit businessmen. I think I’ll take the word of Forbes over her bullshit blog.  https://www.forbes.com/sites/donaldfrazier/2012/10/24/selling-a-better-life/#593cba4f5fe5 …

Eswaran lives in Malaysia & doesn’t have anything to do with SIF or Butler, other than founding a company that Butler owns stock in.

There is no such thing as a SIF money laundering operation. Gralow is sooo full of crap.

 https://www.businessforhome.org/2017/04/supreme-court-of-india-rules-in-favor-of-qnet/ …

It is also untrue that QNet is banned in India. They’re just not in whatev registered database as QNet. They go by a different name there.  https://qnetindiagroup.blogspot.com/2013/08/faqs-about-qnet-in-india.html …

Also good to know: NYmag deleted the part about Qnet that Gralow fed them, from their article about Tulsi’s “weird” upbringing.

Allegations that Tulsi Gabbard is an #RSSprincess

Originally posted on Twitter.

1/x The anti-Tulsi propagandists must’ve got their orders for the day. They all seem to be pushing the #RSSprincess story. So let’s talk about this article… the one that is most widely circulated that supposedly proves that she’s RSS funded. Shall we?  https://theintercept.com/2019/01/05/tulsi-gabbard-2020-hindu-nationalist-modi/ …

2/x First of all… can we talk about how they found DOZENS of RSS sympathizers. DOZENS over a 7 year period. And… can we talk about the shady, bogus way that they established they were RSS? They mentioned a Sangh (Hindi for “volunteer”) event on their social media? Seriously?

3/x They also established this RSS funded bs, by saying that board members from HAF donated to her, and they cross-referenced HAF & Tulsi’s donor lists to find “common” donors. HAF = Hindu American Foundation.

4/x They claim that HAF is RSS affiliated, because its co-founder (an American), used to be a VHPA “activist”. They further claim that VHPA & the HSS are both RSS affiliated, because they are Sangh orgs, and lots of Sangh orgs “reportedly” send money to the RSS in India. Ok…

5/x HAF, the VHPA, & the HSS, are all organizations that Tulsi has been active in. And even though they all say they are totally not affiliated with India, they are wholly American, journos keep describing them as “American counterparts” of the Indian RSS. Why? Cuz they’re Hindu?

6/x So let’s look at this report they’re referencing and link to about these Sangh groups that send money to India’s RSS. This report details how American Sangh groups spend their money. Some do. But what about the ones that Tulsi has been affiliated with?  http://www.sacw.net/IMG/pdf/US_HinduNationalism_Nonprofits.pdf …

7/x They spend all their money in America.

8/8 Not only is Tulsi not funded by the RSS, she does not support any groups that support the RSS. Enough with this RSS Princess bullshit. Tulsi Gabbard is All-American. I’ve so had it with these smears.