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September 2019

Tulsi has always fought for peace in Syria

Since the day Obama drew that red line in the sand, Tulsi Gabbard has been fighting for a peaceful resolution in Syria. Democrats used to stand with her... why don't they, now?

Propagandists are spreading a lie on social media about Tulsi Gabbard voting in favor of Syrian regime change war in 2013. They are doing so by misinterpreting an old blog post titled: Congress has already considered Syrian intervention this year.

The post mentions S. 960: Syria Transition Support Act of 2013, but that bill was introduced by the Senate (which Tulsi was never a member of). And while the author tells us that the bill was “approved by the Senate Foreign Relations Committee,” it was never actually brought to the floor for a vote.

The blog post also mentions an amendment to a defense appropriations bill that Tulsi voted against. It explains that the amendment intended to remove language that meant, “President Obama’s publicly stated red lines must be enforced.” But this is not an accurate reflection of the actual text:

The President of the United States should fully consider all courses of action to reinforce his stated ‘‘redline’’ regarding the use of chemical weapons.

It doesn’t say that Obama’s red line “must be enforced”, it says that “all courses of action should be considered”. Tulsi voted to leave that phrase in the bill.

Prior to this vote, and after sitting through a slew of classified briefings, Tulsi made her objections clear.

“I am sickened and outraged by the carnage and loss of lives caused by the use of chemical weapons in Syria. It is with gravity that I have carefully considered all the facts, arguments, and evidence and soberly weighed concerns regarding our national security and moral responsibility. As a result, I have come to the conclusion that a U.S. military strike against Syria would be a serious mistake.”

Democrats praised her diplomatic approach, as she led the fight for our leaders to consider alternative courses of action. Republicans, on the other hand, preferred war.

2013: Combat Veteran, Tulsi Gabbard versus the War Party.

Thanks to her push for a peaceful solution, negotiations were held. Assad signed on with the Chemical Weapons Convention, and we were able to avoid military conflict.


Oddly, when chemical weapons were used against Syrians in 2017 and Tulsi called for the CWC to be enforced by the United Nations, Democrats instead joined Republicans and called for war, in violation of international law.

Tulsi Gabbard has always fought for peace in Syria. She didn’t come home repeating Assad or Putin’s talking points. Rather, she doubled down on her convictions, and repeated views that Democrats once shared. Tulsi Gabbard has not changed, but Democrats have. People should start wondering why.


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#ThankYouTulsiGabbard for being such a principled leader, and continuing to fight the good fight for peace. You are not alone… #Tulsicrats stand with you.

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How propaganda turned Democrats into cheerleaders for the war party.

How #NeverTrump Republicans used RUMINT about Tulsi Gabbard's love for dictators, to turn Democrats into warmongers.

Tulsi Gabbard’s recent comments about how impeachment hearings would tear our country apart has revived the Putin Puppet Meme against her. Just so you know: Evan McMullin started this bullshit after his failed bid for the presidency.

Months later, when Tulsi went on a fact-finding mission to Syria, Louise Mensch amplified this Meme for the huge audience she had captured with her “coming soon” promise of super secret RUMINT (unfounded rumors) that would see Trump hanged by the neck ’til dead for treason.

Louise continues to sling this lie, even though she has admitted that she has NO intel about Tulsi actually being a Putin Puppet. NONE whatsoever. But she keeps repeating it, and people kept believing it… out of sheer HOPE that some revelation will eventually materialize.

Even after the Mueller investigation was completed, and absolutely nothing was found that implicated Tulsi, Louise has failed to retract her libel. And the pundits still repeat her RUMINT.

The TRUTH about the Tulsi Putin Puppet story: It is a total lie, started by an ex-CIA Fuck-Head who is pissed at Tulsi because she does not want our country to continue arming terrorists in the Middle East, and was further propagated by a “journalist” who we now know is an Alt-Right Sock Puppet.

When I wrote this blog piece about Tulsi’s long fight for peace in Syria, I tried to remind people that the Democratic Party used to share Tulsi’s position, and I asked people to think about why and how Democrats have changed their views.

So… what happened to the Party of Peace?

Never Trump Republicans have fueled Democrats with a lust to see Trump hang for treason, and hijacked that contempt to push their own neoconservative narratives… convincing people that only traitors would practice diplomacy and desire peace. That’s what happened.

The new normal for Democrats seems to be war and intervention as first resort — hence the willingness to believe these unfounded rumors. Can we please bring back the old normal of advocating for peace and diplomacy first?

Thank you.