By Naomi Allen
19 Dec 2019

Help Wanted: A president we can trust to protect the constitution; strategically command our military and ensure our national defense; diplomatically conduct foreign relations; responsibly manage the executive branch (including setting budgets); faithfully execute our national laws.

Major Gabbard is in her 18th year of service in our National Guard. As a commanding officer in our US military, and as a member of high level USIC congressional committees, she is the most highly DOD vetted, and holds the highest security clearance of all candidates for POTUS.

Leaked Trump admin docs also reveal that she has no unscrupulous financial dealings, no compromising debts, no shady associations, no conflicts of interests, no revolving doors, and is not involved in corrupt activities. Tulsi is an honest politician.

Of all the Tulsi scandals floating around, the only one that Trump admin found to be true, was about her ditching a VA meeting that she was invited to attend, to go surfing.

My own research turned up the same. I’ve investigated every scandal published about her and found them all to be either distorted versions of truth, baseless, or patently false… except for the surfing incident. Here’s what she missed that VA meeting for:

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