Naomi Allen

I am an American businesswoman and former Guerrilla Marketer, currently residing in the US Rust Belt. I served in the US Air Force during the Cold and Persian Gulf Wars as a Personnel Reliability Program (PRP) Monitor, Air Force Liaison, and Blue Falcon Mezzo-Soprano. My university studies are ongoing and have included majors in Clinical Laboratory Science and Political Philosophy. I also study and teach Taekwon-Do in the lineage of Choi Hong Hi (2nd generation).

I started this website after having a bad day, realizing that I need a constructive way to to share my thoughts on geo/socio political culture. I meant to focus on feminism (hence the domain name), but the insanity of our current news cycle often has me distracted with other political issues.

  • I believe that the primary mission of our government should be to promote the Good Life for All;
  • I believe that the principles that would serve as a strong foundation for the Good Life can be derived from the values of liberalism;
  • I believe that feminism can help with the furtherance of the Good Life, if only it would stop trying to make men out of us;
  • I believe that the Good Life is a pursuit that can only be accomplished with a continuous striving to better understand, and do, what is Good.

While advocating for the Good Life, this website also brainstorms strategies for countering PsyOps and the culture war against American liberalism. My site mascot was chosen with this in mind, and you can read more about that here. You can also follow me on twitter, where I often argue with illiberal trolls from the Left and Right, and where I am blocked by ChiefCovfefe.

P.S. I am married to a poli-sci professor. Please don’t hold my blog posts and Twitter rants against him. My opinions are entirely my own.