All Risk And No Reward

What are these “regime change wars” that Tulsi Gabbard keeps talking about? I didn’t realize until recently that a lot of people don’t really understand what regime change wars even are.

Regime Change War is what we call it when our country triggers a society into overthrowing their own government. It hurts a lot of people, costs us lots of money, and contrary to what the powers-that-be hope, we usually get nothing out of it.

In military strategy we call this, “All risk, and no reward.” Also known as: Stupid Wars.

Professor Bacevich lecture on Forever War.

We usually start this rubbish by declaring that a society isn’t democratic enough, then decidedly set out to help them become more democratic. Turns out – we have not been able to help a single nation be as democratic as we would like them to be. Hence: “Forever War”.

It is a failed foreign policy. There are people who have been warning about this for years, but they keep getting demonized, and their message drowned out. Why? Possibly because there are rich and powerful people who grow even more powerful and even richer, as long as we keep doing it. Our tax dollars go to them. The arms industry, the private contractors we hire to help us nation-build, and disaster capitalists often posing as philanthropists. Disaster capitalists like the Clinton Global Initiative.

It’s really fricken gross when you look into the structure and dynamics of these of regime change wars. Horrifying, even. The disaster capitalist side of it is the grossest, in my opinion. There’s this sick pattern of creating humanitarian crisis (usually through sanctions), so they can collect our tax dollars to go fix what we broke.

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Most of it isn’t even sanctioned by our congress, or our official government. It’s all pretty shady, and it needs to end. It is turning us, as a nation, into the Baddies. We aren’t even acting like the world’s police, like most Americans think we are. We are more like arsonists, putting out our own fires.

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Author: Naomi Allen