All the King’s Men, Part II (Operation Red Castle)

Reposted from Twitter (with section added about “The Plan”).

WH, DHS, and Pentagon lawyers meet to figure out if/how Trump can declare a national emergency to divert resources and manpower from the military to build his stupid wall.

Lawyers discussing details of using national emergency to build wall “It’s always been an option,” said an official. “Now that things are getting worse, we are looking at how that could be operationalized.”

The article above states that they feel such measures are necessary since the border problem has worsened. However, actual number of illegal crossings suggest the situation has not only not worsened, but has improved since 2016. So what’s the real reason for this “national emergency”?

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This whole thing is making the #QAnon Qult break dance. Specifically, they are cheering on the prospect of Trump declaring martial law to build the wall… just like Q said he would. Here’s Jerome Corsi, “decoding” Q’s message, revealing critical stages of “The Plan”. He deleted the original, but a fan saved and reposted part of it:


Summary: Trump hid funding for the wall in the defense spending omnibus and intends to have the wall built by the military, who he will engage by declaring martial law… and while he’s at it, he will use martial law to command military tribunals and summary executions of the Cabal.

At the risk of sounding like a conspiracy theorist, I’ve been warning people about this for a while. The #QAnon thing is not a LARP. It’s an active measures Op meant to garner support for a military Junta, and to provoke uprising… and I am certain that Trump is actually behind the whole thing. If you haven’t already read my previous post about #QAnon, please do so now… and please watch the last video posted on that entry, in which Jerome CORSI explains why martial law is required for TRUMP to be able to prosecute the alleged Cabal.

“The Plan” aka “Operation Red Castle”

I am not an investigative reporter… I have a 24/7 career that prevents me from dedicating enough time to expose all of this in a more detailed fashion, but… here is a summary of “The Plan” that I’ve witnessed unfolding in #QAnon discourses. When things actually started coming true, I grew concerned.

  1. Trump obtaining authority to hold military tribunals and summary executions.  Sneakily Done (Watch: InfoWars briefing).
  2. Trump obtaining funding for the wall.  Sneakily Done.
  3. Deploying troops to the border. Done.
  4. Declaring a national emergency.✓ We are here.
  5. Declaring martial law to authorize the military for building the wall, mass immigration round ups, and military tribunals against the alleged Cabal (which happens to include Deep State Operatives).

If Trump really is behind this… if there really is a conspiracy… it means he has no intention of re-opening the government. In fact, the government shut-down would make it easier for him to accomplish all of this. And while their interpretation of law is kinda sketchy… now that the courts have been stacked in Trump’s favor… who could stop him? And if he isn’t orchestrating this plot, why hasn’t he denounced it? He watches InfoWars and must know what they’re saying.

Congress needs to get their shit together… and soon.

Someone should ask OMAROSA if all of this sounds like “The Plan” she learned of while working in the White House.

Someone should also ask Lindsey GRAHAM about why the hell he was asking KAVANAUGH about military tribunals. Is he in on this plot?

I also need to point out, that Trump has already quietly declared a national emergency to deal w/ traitors (recall, that he has been accusing Dems and the Deep State of doing things the EO says are to be dealt with). Now, all he has to do is figure out how to declare martial law.

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Author: Naomi Allen