Allegations that Tulsi Gabbard is an #RSSprincess

Originally posted on Twitter.

1/x The anti-Tulsi propagandists must’ve got their orders for the day. They all seem to be pushing the #RSSprincess story. So let’s talk about this article… the one that is most widely circulated that supposedly proves that she’s RSS funded. Shall we? …

2/x First of all… can we talk about how they found DOZENS of RSS sympathizers. DOZENS over a 7 year period. And… can we talk about the shady, bogus way that they established they were RSS? They mentioned a Sangh (Hindi for “volunteer”) event on their social media? Seriously?

3/x They also established this RSS funded bs, by saying that board members from HAF donated to her, and they cross-referenced HAF & Tulsi’s donor lists to find “common” donors. HAF = Hindu American Foundation.

4/x They claim that HAF is RSS affiliated, because its co-founder (an American), used to be a VHPA “activist”. They further claim that VHPA & the HSS are both RSS affiliated, because they are Sangh orgs, and lots of Sangh orgs “reportedly” send money to the RSS in India. Ok…

5/x HAF, the VHPA, & the HSS, are all organizations that Tulsi has been active in. And even though they all say they are totally not affiliated with India, they are wholly American, journos keep describing them as “American counterparts” of the Indian RSS. Why? Cuz they’re Hindu?

6/x So let’s look at this report they’re referencing and link to about these Sangh groups that send money to India’s RSS. This report details how American Sangh groups spend their money. Some do. But what about the ones that Tulsi has been affiliated with? …

7/x They spend all their money in America.

8/8 Not only is Tulsi not funded by the RSS, she does not support any groups that support the RSS. Enough with this RSS Princess bullshit. Tulsi Gabbard is All-American. I’ve so had it with these smears.

Author: Naomi Allen