Opinion: The Me Too Movement Is Steering Us Wrong

Seriously. Was this created by someone who actually advocates for male chauvinism? Because I don’t think this is how most liberals actually think. It is, however, definitely how the anti-PC collective thinks of us: As overprotective parents who coddle our children, instead of teaching them to be strong… and as needy women who demand protection, instead of learning to hold our own.

Is this the best a man can get? This question, followed by exaggerated slights and contrived examples of how to “act right”… It’s fucking oppressive. If I were a trad operative, this is exactly the type of asymmetric propaganda piece I would create to convince people that liberalism means to turn us into a nation of emasculated pussies.

What would a real liberal piece about toxic masculinity be like? It certainly wouldn’t portray it as if it simply amounted to being less than a gentleman… and it certainly wouldn’t treat the violence of it as if it amounted to schoolboy roughhousing. Toxic masculinity isn’t just about being an ill-mannered, ignorant, dick. It is a self-centered morality that ruthlessly seeks conquest. It is a lifestyle of brutality… capable of utter humiliation, rape, and even murder.

So… fuck you, Gillette. Take your faux feminism and shove it… along with your lady razors, priced twice as much as those you create for the more masculine population.

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