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What progressives are ignoring about COVID-19’s impact on ethnic minority groups

The progressive movement is so hyper-focused on framing every crisis with a Green New Deal lens that they are ignoring genuine medical concerns that people of color should be paying attention to during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Poverty and pollution are not the only reasons why the SARS-CoV-2 virus is having such a devastating impact on our black and brown communities. The Coronavirus is, indeed, discriminating against people who carry the sickle cell trait (SCT).

The Sickle Cell Disease Association sent out a provider alert on April 10th with recommended precautions and treatment protocols for SCD patients who test positive for COVID-19. Download: SCDAA Advisory

People with ancestry from Africa, Asia, India, Indigenous America, Latin America, Mediterranean, and Middle East regions are all potential carriers of sickle cell trait. Source: Texas Department of Health and Human Services.

Under most circumstances, people with SCT do not develop sickle cell anemia, have enough normal hemoglobin to prevent the cells from becoming sickle-shaped. Without the sickling, red blood cells behave as they should, transporting oxygen-rich blood to the tissues and organs in the body.” Source: Healthline.

The sickling of erythrocytes (red blood cells) in SCT carriers only happens in unusual circumstances. Source: National Institute of Health.

Unusual circumstances that can trigger RBC sickling include extreme conditions such as high altitude, severe dehydration, or very high intensity physical activity. Source: American Society of Hematology.

SCT athletes are at high risk to RBC sickling due the added strain on their bodies. Source: NCAA Sport Science Institute.

The rapid decrease of oxygenated hemoglobin at high altitudes can be especially devastating to SCT carriers. Source: National Institute of Health.

COVID-19 patients are experiencing decreases in 02 saturation similar to that of patients suffering from high altitude sickness. Source: WebMD.

Hematologists are warning that more sickle cell related research needs to be done in the battle against the Coronavirus, widespread treatment protocols need to be established for COVID-19 positive SCD patients, and we to need ramp up blood drives. Source: Boston Medical Center.

No more DOA’s

It is untrue that first responders have been told to stop doing CPR on heart attack victims.

In her latest attempt to influence the public against a concerted effort to contain the spread of COVID-19, Kim Iversen has distorted truth to convince people that public health efforts to limit exposure would supposedly end up killing more people.

According to Kim, EMT’s are being told to stop providing CPR services to heart attack victims. The way she words the narrative leads one to believe that EMT’s are turning their backs on adult heart attack victims and leaving them to die, because they are afraid to be contaminated.

Fact: EMT’s already use special equipment and practice CPR precautions to protect themselves from HIV and airborne pathogens. Contamination would not be a concern.

Fact: EMT’s are not being told to deny CPR. Under normal circumstances, heart attack victims are immediately transported to hospitals, CPR is accomplished enroute, and continued by ER staff upon arrival. For hospitals now over encumbered by COVID-19, EMT’s are now being told to instead complete CPR on site, and to not bring DOA’s back to the hospital. Trauma victims are still being given CPR enroute, since they would require more services that should not be delayed.

Of course there may be retaliation…

Asian News International just Tweeted a comment from President Trump that has a lot of people mistakenly believing that he just threatened India with retaliations if they don’t send us hydroxychloroquine.


The comment was taken out of context. He was answering a reporter’s question about retaliations against America, in response to our own ban of exports.


“Are you worried about retaliation to your decision to ban export of medical goods, like India’s Prime Minister Modi’s decision to not export hydroxychloroquine to the United States and other countries?”


“I don’t like that decision, if that’s… I don’t… I didn’t hear that that was his decision. I know that he stopped it for other countries. I spoke to him yesterday. We had a very good talk, and we’ll see whether or not that’s his… I would be surprised if he would because, you know, India does very well with the United States. For many years they’ve been taking advantage of the Unites States on trade. So I would be very surprised if that were his decision. He’d have to tell me that. I spoke to him Sunday morning…”

Buried lede: On Sunday, April 5th, PM Modi told President Trump that India would be sending hydroxychloroquine to America.

Breathing through the COVID-19 Crisis

Curated info about how to survive the Coronavirus.

COVID-19 is a SARS virus that causes respiratory distress. Here’s how a COVID-19 survivor kept himself from being drowned by SARS-CoV-2 pneumonia, and avoided having to be intubated and hooked up to a breathing machine (ventilator):


Until and unless scientists come up with an effective remedy, surviving a COVID-19 infection may well depend on a patient’s ability to win the fight to breathe. Yoga is scientifically proven to boost your immune system, and specific poses can help improve breathing fitness.

COVID-19 damages cilia, making it difficult to clear the lungs of pneumonia fluids. Singing can help increase your lung capacity, and it could be useful to practice singing from your diaphragm to strengthen parts of your body that would help push fluids out of your lungs.


COVID-19 is a retrovirus, and requires protease to thrive. A diet rich in natural protease inhibitors like soy beans and green tea may help resistance to infection. Grapefruit contains a chemical similar to quinine, which has had some success in COVID-19 treatment plans.


Clean your house and keep it clean.

Establish a decontamination area in your home, as best as possible.

Advice from a doctor about how to sanitize your groceries and anything else you may need to bring into your home:

Protect yourself with a medical mask if and when you need to leave home. Congresswoman and National Guardsman Tulsi Gabbard, currently working as a planner for COVID-19 crisis management in Hawaii tells us that masks do work.

Common sense tells us that we are less likely to catch/spread the virus if we wear masks. If masks were not protective, they would not be the most important personal protection tools for doctors & nurses. Unfortunately our leaders don’t have common sense—or are being dishonest.

The real reason why officials were saying people shouldn’t be wearing masks isn’t because they’re not protective, but because they are very protective. Therefore our healthcare workers need them, but there is a serious shortage of masks. It would have been better for them to tell the truth from the beginning and say, “Yes, masks would be good for everybody to wear, but there just aren’t enough of them. So we need to make sure that our first priority is making sure our healthcare workers have access to masks and other protective equipment.”

— Tulsi Gabbard

Because of the supply shortage, we should learn how to make our own masks. If you don’t have a sewing machine or needle and thread, don’t be afraid to improvise with a stapler.

What you make it out of is important: Advice from doctors about using fabrics you may already have on hand.

The design is also important. The fewer air gaps the better. Advice from a doctor about how to construct a DIY mask:

In summary: Wear a mask. Keep a clean house. Do yoga. Eat grapefruit. Drink green tea. Sing your heart out.