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Dirty Tricks

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Political maneuvers that go beyond mere negative campaigning. They involve the secret subversion of an opponent’s campaign via outright lies, spying, or any other tactic intended to divert attention from policies in an underhanded or unethical way.

  • 30Apr19: How I accidentally discovered the dubious source of the smear campaign that frames Tulsi as a culty homophobe.
  • 23Jun19: Discovered: Yet another fake, planted story about Hawaii's alleged struggle to accept Tulsi Gabbard as a Champion of Progressive Values.
  • 25Sep19: How #NeverTrump Republicans used RUMINT about Tulsi Gabbard's love for dictators, to turn Democrats into warmongers.
  • 18Oct19: Mrs Clinton accuses Tulsi Gabbard of being co-opted by the Kremlin. But will the real Russian Asset, please stand up?
  • 25Oct19: Is Tulsi Gabbard being groomed by Republicans for a third-party run? Fox News and Mrs Clinton certainly want us to think so.