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Psychological operations convey selected information and indicators to audiences to influence their emotions, motives, and objective reasoning, and ultimately the behavior of governments, organizations, groups, and individuals.

  • 18Dec18: Why I think Andrew Anglin from Daily Stormer may be a Kremlin Operative... and a look at what may have been the Kremlin's first #infeKtion propaganda Op.
  • 25Dec18: Team InfoWars and Trump's social media director started QAnon, and are now pretending the whole thing was a LARP, probably to avoid going to jail for plotting to overthrow the government.
  • 06Jan19: While #QAnon creators try to separate themselves from the online active measures Op, "The Plan" they hatched to install a military Junta continues to unfold IRL.
  • 12Jan19: Just a few notes on what I've noticed about Green activists. How Russia supports them... and how they support the Kremlin agenda.
  • 22Jan19: Some are wondering why I'm being so hard on the illiberal left at the moment. What about the alt-right Nazis? Have I forgotten about them?
  • 14Mar19: 6 JUL 2019 Note: Since this article was first published, Yang has denounced the alt-right trolls who stan for him. It's nice to know that he resists being radicalized by those who mean to turn him into the next Chan Death Cult Meme.
  • 13Apr19: Notes and source links for a story I'm working on about an Anti-Hindu Hate Group's attempt to influence US politics, and their propaganda Ops against Indic and Hindu politicians. Last updated: 20APR2019
  • 25Sep19: How #NeverTrump Republicans used RUMINT about Tulsi Gabbard's love for dictators, to turn Democrats into warmongers.