Work in Progress: Khalistani Subterfuge and PsyOps

By Naomi Allen
13 Apr 2019


Pieter FRIEDRICH, aka Pieter Singh, advocate for the Khalistani separatist movement.

FRIEDRICH got my attention when Christine Gralow shared a vid of him confronting Tulsi Gabbard about her so-called ties with Hindu fascism.

After a bit of twitter banter, I discovered that he is actually the originator of the RSS Princess narrative.

Related thread on Twitter, debunking the RSS Princess Myth:

What is the Khalistani Movement?

I spent a good week researching his “human rights” group, the Organization for Minorities of India (OFMI), and was astounded.

Background on Khalistani separatists, their goal to establish their own theocratic fascist state, and their terrorist activities:

Short documentary on the Khalistani Movement’s activities in Canada:

Support for the Khalistani Movement from the government of Pakistan:

Don’t be fooled… the Khalistani Movement is not about human rights. They even attack other Sikhs who don’t agree with their fascist ideology or who don’t support their separatist movement:

How the Khalistani Movement Foments Hinduphobia in Western Nations

I did a vid about this, cuz I got sick of people accusing me of not being a real person. My accent? I grew up in Hawaii.

Hinduphobia is no joke. In 1987, there was an outbreak of violence against Hindus in New Jersey, by a hate group called “Dot Busters“.

In the video above, I say that the RSS are thugs. I stand corrected. This was based on info given me by a colleague in Pakistan, who recently explained that this is his personal view, which should be considered biased.

While the RSS are often blamed by various groups as a source of violence, my own recent research into formal independent investigations conducted by legit outside organizations, such as the UN and Amnesty International, found that their conclusions did not cite the RSS as responsible for, or even involved with any specific incident of violence.

Pieter Friedrich and those who repeat his narrative often conflate the RSS, India’s majority party (the BJP), and American Hindu organizations as “linked” because they allegedly share Hindutva ideology.

Expert sources which reveal that Hindutva is not an “ideology” but a demographic label used to identify people who practice Indic religions, and which explain that because this demographic is the “majority” in India, anti-Hindu propagandists often deceptively morph its meaning in Western minds as Hindu Majority -> Hindu Supremacy -> Hindu Nationalism -> Hindu Fascism. These experts are neither biased activists nor random pundits. They are legit, peer reviewed, bona fide scholarly experts.

Pieter Friedrich and the OMFI’s direct involvement in the Khalistani Movement

I’m not talking about “ties” or “links” or connecting dots here. Pieter Friedrich and the OMFI are part of the Khalistani Movement.

About Binder — a founding member of groups Pieter has belonged to, including his current organization, the OMFI — and his terrorist activities:

Binder named in founding documents as organizing member of the Sikh Youth of America:
Pieter Friedrich and the OMFI’s attempts to influence US politics

As I mentioned in my video above, I discovered that everything people cite as evidence of Tulsi being “controlled” by India, happen to be things she did that countered FRIEDRICH’s own efforts to further his Khalistani agenda.

Under his religious name, Peter Singh, lobbying congress for legislation condemning Hindutva as a violent extremist ideology (measure, effectively blocked by Tulsi Gabbard):

Lobbying the congressional Sikh Caucus to recognize the 1984 riots that happened in India when Khalistani terrorists assassinated their Prime Minister as “the 1984 Sikh Genocide”:

Also, during these attempted meetings above, they pleaded for the release of political prisoners in India. What the article fails to mention, is that the “political prisoners” that the “Sikh activist” was on a hunger strike for, were in prison charges of terrorism. The article published by a Khalistani owned news site described the offices of Reps Eshoo and Honda as hostile… hopefully this means they knew what these guys were up to.

Lobbying effort to insert Hinduphobic language in California textbooks (unsuccessfully blocked by Tulsi Gabbard). Please notice how Pieter arbitrarily refers to protestors as the “Hindu Nationalist Lobby”:

OFMI Khalistani Nationalists, protesting the 2018 World Hindu Congress
Protesting the World Hindu Congress, which he has demanded Tulsi Gabbard and other Hindu legislators condemn (out of fear that their involvement with the group legitimizes them). You’d be hard pressed to locate an American Hindu organization that Pieter doesn’t label as fascist. Notice the banner about the Indian caste system. which has actually long been abolished — but the Khalistani pretend it still exists to gain SJW sympathy. He also lies about being a “Christian” to gain support from conservative politicians. His intermittent use of the name “Pieter Singh” is proof that he is not a Christian, but has converted to Sikhism.

26APR2019 Update: Friedich’s OMFI protest Tulsi at SheThePeople2020:

— TwitRant —

They also now seem to be targeting congressman Ro Khanna

Pieter Friedrich’s propaganda efforts to frame Tulsi Gabbard as a Hindu Nationalist and destroy her political career

Promoting Tulsi-phobia on Twitter. Note: “@SaffronWatch”:

Twitter thread on propagandists who Pieter Friedrich networks with online to weaponize Tulsi Gabbard’s religion against her, while seeding Hinduphobia and pushing his Khalistani agenda:

Main Narrative Builders/Propagators (as shown in Twitter thread above):

I started calling this propaganda network, the Khalistani Knitting Circle.

Sameera KHAN, a former New Jersey Beauty Queen who has worked for Russia’s propaganda network, RT.

Christine GRALOW, A “long form” blogger who also lives in Kailua, Hawaii, who pushes the Tulsi mind-hive cult narrative. I wrote an analysis of her work, posted here. Also, please read about her sources.

Shay HODGES, a former primary challenger of Tulsi’s congressional seat.

Mainstream Echo: The first mainstream publication to pick up propaganda seeded by Friedrich and Bredimus was Paste Magazine.

Social Media Amplifiers:

Louise MENSCH, and other Republican Never-Trumpers who have been promoting the Trump-Collusion narrative. MENSCH continues to sling accusations against Tulsi that she admits are completely baseless:

Caroline ORR, and others in the ShareBlue media network who have been shilling Tulsi-hate since the presidential election, blaming Hillary’s loss on Tulsi “disrespecting” Hillary Clinton during the primaries. ORR perpetuates propaganda narratives against Tulsi, for which she has no proof, but is currently fundraising to help finance her efforts to find the evidence she would need to back up her allegations.

Bill PALMER, and other yellow journalists who publish outrage propaganda.

Miscellaneous political operatives who’ve been trying to challenge Tulsi out of her congressional seat amplify this nonsense as well, for political reasons. It’s pretty gross.

The Amin Twitter Troll Network:


When confronted, Pieter Friedrich’s only comment on my research was: “You’re confused.”

Christine GRALOW’s comments are included in the piece I wrote about her work… which only serves (in my opinion) to confirm that she is a liar. She’s threatening to sue me, now. My answers to her interrogatories are publicly posted here.

Shay HODGES has objected to being called a political opponent of Tulsi’s, and I’ve corrected my description of her to read: “a former primary challenger”.

29APR2019: Association with ISFY may be inaccurate, thus references to it has been removed.

#YangGang: Analysis of why alt-right trolls stan for Yang

By Naomi Allen
14 Mar 2019

I haven’t written about right-wing active measures for a while now. There really hasn’t been much, other than Qanon noise. Initially, I thought this had happened on purpose. I thought that the alt-right Nazis were toning down their racist rhetoric, the same way the Weimar Republic Nazis did, in order to solidify and grow their conservative base. But I now realize that the radical right is just plain fed up with Trump.

Cuz… Israel…

Chan propaganda Ops are starting up again, and they’re burning Trump in effigy. Alt-Right Trolls have picked a new Deity for their Death Cult and guess what? It’s a Democrat.

I did some snooping around the alt-right blogs to see if it’s all just a Clown Op (like the Tulsi Groyper Project), but I’m pretty sure this movement is genuine. Why? Because Andrew Anglin isn’t just spinning Memes, he’s actually defending them.

The latest #Infection: Trump is a potato head loser, beholden to the Jews. F*k the wall, secure the bag ($1K/month). Would you rather that money go to Israel? Better to be ruled by a Chinese spy, than another Israel puppet.

They’ve also renamed Trump’s slogan from MAGA to MIGA (Make Israel Great Again).

Pwning Boomers

Andrew Yang’s $1k/month UBI is a huge deal for them. They think it’s hilarious that he’s found a way to rob Boomers to give to Millennials. They view Yang’s policies as focused on benefiting younger generations at the expense of older ones.

They also think it’s hilarious that his policies could crash the economy. For the Chan Death Cult, Yang isn’t just a GEOTUS Hopeful — he’s a Horseman of the Apocalypse. One who they hope will smash the state and create enough chaos to trigger the Beginning of the End.

NazBol Party When?

And it didn’t take long for lefty chaos trolls to join the #YangGang… anarchists and eco-socialists who can’t wait to turn the world upside-down. Who would have guessed that the NazBol revolution would be wearing pink hats? It’s so ridiculous that few will take it seriously, until they have to.

Read more about the Chan Death Cult.

The Red-Green Elephant in the Room

By Naomi Allen
12 Jan 2019

ACTIVISM: Inside the Sunrise Movement (it didn’t happen by accident). “The birth of the Sunrise Movement started with a small grant, a lot of Monster Energy drinks and a little help from the Sierra Club. Now it’s the most talked-about environmental group in Washington.”

In 2014, Hillary Clinton quietly mentioned that Russia is funding environmental activists through Klein LTD. The Sea Change Foundation, the Sierra Club, and the Sunrise Movement are the most well known of these groups. While Klein LTD denies it all, the GOP actually conducted an investigation confirming allegations. Oddly, access to the original report has been blocked on the internet. Fortunately, I previously downloaded a copy of it.

Consensus on the Hill was that Russia is doing this to disrupt our energy market, but I disagree. Here’s what I’ve noticed about politicians (like Jill Stein, and AOC) who are involved with these groups.

  1. They show little to no concern over Russian active measures.
  2. They are radical about climate change and advocate for a Green New Deal as a means for abolishing capitalism, which they believe is what is killing our planet.
  3. They push for isolationist foreign policies of non-intervention.

I am not suggesting that any of these people are Kremlin agents… not at all. But the fact that their agendas support Russian objectives merits concern and reflection.

While our strategists and liberal intelligentsia contemplate the various ways that we’re being fucked with, I think it is very important that we remember that Russia’s very first goal for America, was to convert us to socialism.

“The Communist theory of international affairs is exceedingly simple. The revolution foretold by Marx, which is to abolish capitalism throughout the world, happened to begin in Russia, though Marxian theory would seem to demand that it should begin in America.” — Bertrand Russell

A little known fact, is that the term “American Exceptionalism” was actually coined by Stalin to describe how we are the exception to Marxist theory. The usual methods for provoking a proletariat uprising don’t work on us… and Gorbechev actually predicted that “climate alarmism” is what would do the trick.

Climate change deniers have been warning for years, that communists are co-opting environmentalism as a tool for destroying capitalism. But, because they deny climate science, we’ve ignored them… just like we ignored Glenn Beck’s warnings about Dugism, because he is Glenn Beck.

If you haven’t already read the text of the Green New Deal, please do. And do so, with the knowledge that it was written by the Sunrise Movement, and that there’s a good chance that the Sunrise Movement may be a Kremlin Op.

It’s been easy for us to recognize and condemn the ways active measures have manipulated those on the Right side of the political spectrum, but we have failed to acknowledge the ways we are being manipulated on the Left as well.

The Right has been tricked into attacking aspects of democracy which they’ve been conditioned into viewing as threats to conservatism and the American way of life. Similarly, the Left is being tricked into attacking aspects of democracy which they’ve been conditioned into viewing as threats to the environment and human existence. In both cases, existential crisis has served as the triggering mechanism.

Many of us have been worried about how a fifth column might exist in the right-wing of politics… a fifth column which intends a soft coup that would fundamentally change our constitutional form of government. But most of us have totally missed how the very same thing is happening in the left-wing.

The currently proposed Green New Deal calls for us to mobilize the nation against climate change, the same way we did during World War II. I’d like to remind people that our constitution had to be suspended for that Total War Machine. And the same thing would have to happen today for the Green War Machine, because it as well calls for the government to control our means of production. If that were to happen… it would mean that the “non-binding” resolution currently known as the Green New Deal would supersede our constitution for at least ten years.

Personally, I’m all for saving the environment… but do we really have to sacrifice democracy to do it? I don’t think so… and I hope we don’t.

All the King’s Men, Part II (Operation Red Castle)

By Naomi Allen
06 Jan 2019

Reposted from Twitter (with section added about “The Plan”).

WH, DHS, and Pentagon lawyers meet to figure out if/how Trump can declare a national emergency to divert resources and manpower from the military to build his stupid wall.

Lawyers discussing details of using national emergency to build wall “It’s always been an option,” said an official. “Now that things are getting worse, we are looking at how that could be operationalized.”

The article above states that they feel such measures are necessary since the border problem has worsened. However, actual number of illegal crossings suggest the situation has not only not worsened, but has improved since 2016. So what’s the real reason for this “national emergency”?

Clock activated.RED_CASTLE.GREEN_CASTLE.Stage_5:5[y].Q
This whole thing is making the #QAnon Qult break dance. Specifically, they are cheering on the prospect of Trump declaring martial law to build the wall… just like Q said he would. Here’s Jerome Corsi, “decoding” Q’s message, revealing critical stages of “The Plan”. He deleted the original, but a fan saved and reposted part of it:


Summary: Trump hid funding for the wall in the defense spending omnibus and intends to have the wall built by the military, who he will engage by declaring martial law… and while he’s at it, he will use martial law to command military tribunals and summary executions of the Cabal.

At the risk of sounding like a conspiracy theorist, I’ve been warning people about this for a while. The #QAnon thing is not a LARP. It’s an active measures Op meant to garner support for a military Junta, and to provoke uprising… and I am certain that Trump is actually behind the whole thing. If you haven’t already read my previous post about #QAnon, please do so now… and please watch the last video posted on that entry, in which Jerome CORSI explains why martial law is required for TRUMP to be able to prosecute the alleged Cabal.

“The Plan” aka “Operation Red Castle”

I am not an investigative reporter… I have a 24/7 career that prevents me from dedicating enough time to expose all of this in a more detailed fashion, but… here is a summary of “The Plan” that I’ve witnessed unfolding in #QAnon discourses. When things actually started coming true, I grew concerned.

  1. Trump obtaining authority to hold military tribunals and summary executions.  Sneakily Done (Watch: InfoWars briefing).
  2. Trump obtaining funding for the wall.  Sneakily Done.
  3. Deploying troops to the border. Done.
  4. Declaring a national emergency.✓ We are here.
  5. Declaring martial law to authorize the military for building the wall, mass immigration round ups, and military tribunals against the alleged Cabal (which happens to include Deep State Operatives).

If Trump really is behind this… if there really is a conspiracy… it means he has no intention of re-opening the government. In fact, the government shut-down would make it easier for him to accomplish all of this. And while their interpretation of law is kinda sketchy… now that the courts have been stacked in Trump’s favor… who could stop him? And if he isn’t orchestrating this plot, why hasn’t he denounced it? He watches InfoWars and must know what they’re saying.

Congress needs to get their shit together… and soon.

Someone should ask OMAROSA if all of this sounds like “The Plan” she learned of while working in the White House.

Someone should also ask Lindsey GRAHAM about why the hell he was asking KAVANAUGH about military tribunals. Is he in on this plot?

I also need to point out, that Trump has already quietly declared a national emergency to deal w/ traitors (recall, that he has been accusing Dems and the Deep State of doing things the EO says are to be dealt with). Now, all he has to do is figure out how to declare martial law.

Read: All the King’s Men (Part I)