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  • 07May17: Analysis of a Twitter deza Op during the French presidential election.
  • 24May17: If anyone is staging false flag chemical attacks against the Syrian people, the evidence points to Russia.
  • 28Nov18: A bad day... a twitter rant... and why I started this blog.
  • 02Dec18: Bush 41 has passed away... and the war on terror should really be buried with him.
  • 16Dec18: How propaganda and cultural warfare negatively alters brain chemistry, and to how prevent/reverse the damage.
  • 02Jan19: Our critics say that we, Liberals, don't know what we stand for... that we only know what we stand against... and I think they may be right.
  • 08Jan19: (Opinion) Trump's supporters aren't really cheering for martial law. They're cheering for how they believe it will be used to purge our government, and our nation, of a Cabal of the worst evil their minds can imagine.
  • 14Jan19: Socialism and Social Democracy are not the same thing! It's getting tougher to have civilized conversations with Republicans, but I'm really trying.
  • 15Jan19: Economic Royalists. The Heritage Foundation. The plot against FDR's liberal movement continues. A super brief summary of the origins of the Cultural Marxist conspiracy theory.
  • 20Jan19: The Dark Enlightenment Intelligentsia dudes are so fricken creepy.
  • 20Jan19: Why I hate Gillette's "short film" about toxic masculinity.
  • 22Jan19: If, in spite of all the evidence, you’re still trying to find reasons to persecute the Covington Catholic Schoolboys, if you haven’t raised an eyebrow over the BHI, and if you call yourself a liberal… I implore you to spend some time in self-reflection.
  • 28Jan19: "What books do you recommended, that would help in formulating strategy in this culture war?" Tons! But let's start with these...
  • 07Feb19: I've been thinking a lot about what led to the downfall of the Weimar Republic, and how the very same things could lead to our own downfall. Unless we learn from their mistakes.
  • 07Feb19: Why I once thought that Tulsi Gabbard was an Assadist... and what made me change my mind.
  • 08Feb19: I'm pretty sure that we're getting duped into hating on who would be great for America, and really bad for Russia.
  • 10Feb19: Thoughts on what we should, and shouldn't do about Syria.
  • 11Feb19: I was accused of "lecturing" someone earlier, for their religious bigotry against Tulsi Gabbard. Nope. But, this... this indeed, is a lecture.
  • 12Feb19: People really need to start fact checking everything they think they know about Tulsi Gabbard.
  • 12Feb19: I might be wrong, but... I think this means that Kamala Harris thinks that that we need to "reexamine" our democracy to see if it still has merit.
  • 17Feb19: If democratic socialism is so great, why is it that socialists only seem able to defend it, by pretending it's social democracy?
  • 24Feb19: Ocasio-Cortez recently put out a challenge, for us who shout from the "cheap seats" to come up with environmental resolutions better than hers. Here's mine:
  • 03Mar19: We can deal with our immigration problems and our climate change issues, without building a wall or a Green War Machine. We don't need radical solutions. We need rational ones.
  • 12Mar19: An analysis of deceptive, xenophobic rhetorical devices used to spin the cult conspiracy theory used by pundits and political operatives to malign Tulsi Gabbard.
  • 25Mar19: Ms Gralow just sent me a request for correction of the rhetorical analysis I did on her work. Funny thing, tho… she forgot to actually point to any factual errors. Sorry, Christine, but I won't retract an article just because you don't like it.
  • 25Mar19: Recent allegations linking far-right terrorism to the Azov Battalion, largely fed by Kremlin misinformation campaigns against the Ukrainian National Guard, pose a threat to our national and global security.
  • 13Apr19: Debating with Kremlin Trolls about Ukraine Nazis isn't worth the trouble. It's a bad faith argument on their part. Best thing to do is to let them know that you know the truth.
  • 01May19: America is ready for truth.
  • 05May19: Extraditing Assange over arbitrary charges sets a dangerous precedent, not only for journalists in general, but also for political asylees under our own protection.
  • 21Sep19: Since the day Obama drew that red line in the sand, Tulsi Gabbard has been fighting for a peaceful resolution in Syria. Democrats used to stand with her... why don't they, now?
  • 31Oct19: What's happening in Syria? Tulsi Gabbard comments on Erdogan's invasion of Syria, and his recruitment of Islamist groups. Meanwhile, Assad calls on Syrian Jihadists to defend their homeland.
  • 31Oct19: Tulsi Gabbard warns of a revival, of what led to the Armenian genocide to begin with.