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Fighting the Good Fight

“I am not truly free if I am taking away someone else’s freedom, just as surely as I am not free when my freedom is taken from me. The oppressed and the oppressor alike are robbed of their humanity. When I walked out of prison, that was my mission, to liberate the oppressed and the oppressor both.” — Nelson Mandela

Politics is so frustrating and depressing and overwhelming nowadays, and there doesn’t seem to be any escape. Everything is politicized. Everything is weaponized. Everything feels so important and urgent. And that’s exactly what the people who are fucking with us want.

I have spent most of this year just trying to keep myself sane amidst all this madness. This morning, I realized… it’s time to stop fighting a million battles, and it is time to start fighting the war. The assholes of the world call this a culture war, and it really is…

And this war isn’t between democrats and republicans… it isn’t between left or right. It is a war against freedom, waged by every evil ideology that thrives on inequality. And if you don’t want to end up a slave at the end of this… you need to fight the good fight, too.

The most frustrating thing about all this, for me, is knowing that many who fight for illiberal ideas don’t even realize that they are. They don’t realize that they are setting themselves up for slavery. The rhetoric of criminality used in Illiberal PsyOps is astounding.

And I think that is key… their “rhetoric of criminality”… all that garbage language that turns the whole world upside down and backwards… war is peace… slavery is freedom… good is evil. So fed up with this shit.

Know why it’s called, “rhetoric of criminality”? Because it re-programs the mind to accept… and even worse, DO… really fucked up shit… while believing that they’re actually doing good.

Throughout history, evil people have convinced good people to buy into evilness. And they’ve been using the same playbook, through every cycle of evil, each time improving their methods.

This time around, they claim they’re fighting Cultural Marxism. The Nazis called it Cultural Bolshevism. Nietzsche called it Slave Morality. Relative to modern times, the most ancient term for what they’re fighting against is actually more fitting: Aristotle called it Democracy.

These terms… Cultural Marxism, Cultural Bolshevism, and Slave Morality… it’s all just Democracy, relabeled, to turn “freedom” into a dirty word…

The common message: “All this talk about freedom and equality is a conspiracy the slaves are hatching to eliminate their masters.” And because it takes two to Tango: “The masters of the world are conspiring to make sure you can never be a master yourself, and must be destroyed.”

But nobody wins in a society built on master/slave duality. Whether oppressed, or oppressor… oppression weighs heavily on everyone… either on one’s back, or on one’s soul. If we want to win this war, we have to fine tune our game, and fight “for” the things they are fighting “against”.  Our fight… is for freedom from oppression.

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False Flag Waving from Russia, in Syria

On 04 April 2017, the rebel-held town of Khan Sheikhoun in Syria was devastated by a chemical attack. Contrary to popular opinion, the OPCW has not assigned blame for the incident. Their investigation is inconclusive. “The OPCW cannot and will not release information about an on-going investigation.”

21 December 2019 Note from Naomi: Please stop saying that new emails leaked by Wikileaks show that the OPCW lied to us about this attack. As I’ve been pointing out for years, the OPCW never assigned blame. They have always stated on their own website that their investigation is inconclusive. It’s the pundits and politicians who’ve been lying to us.

While America blamed Assad, Putin insisted the attack was a false flag staged by the United States. He also accused the United States of staging the April 21st attack against the Afghan National Army’s 209 Corps Military Headquarters in Mazar-e-Sharif (precursor to the US MOAB attack). But if anyone is staging false flags, the evidence points to Russia.

Containers (pictured above and here…) found at Al Shayrat Airfield the day after our military strike on April 6th look strikingly similar to storage containers pictured below and in this 2014 Russian article… captioned, “Public Relations Group of the Federal Office for the Safe Storage and Destruction of Chemical Weapons”.

Worth nothing: The article is all about how the US had refused to abide by its agreement to help finance the destruction of chemical weapons and nuclear waste. While the agreement itself is not named in the article, the CWC that enabled the removal and destruction of chemical weapons from Syria included an agreement of US funding for destruction of such weapons.

Is it possible that the containers in both photographs are from the same chemical weapons batch? A recently published United Nations Report, confirms that the chemical weapon used in Khan Sheikhoun consisted of sarin and a hexamine additive… the same deadly combination found in chemical weapons allegedly used by Assad in the Ghouta region outside Damascus in 2013.

Counter arguments to my position can be read here.

January 2018 Update: OPCW source confirms, chemical signature match between sarin chems used in 2013 and 2017 attacks.

Furthermore, while assumed to be Syrian operated, drones and aircraft associated with the chemical strike were actually Russian-made, and the airbase the strike was launched from was actually built by and for Russian operations in 2015.

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On May 5th, after #MacronLeaks was launched by Alt-Right social media propagandists, I noticed the competing hashtag: #Bayrougate.

The trend for this #Bayrougate was choked off by pro Le Pen bots/trolls (majority of which were geo pegged as Russian), with random noise such as: pictures and videos of the earth or nature, anti-Macron heckler memes, or tweets full of nothing but hashtags or people asking ‘What is this?” in French.

A French reporter then started spamming an article he wrote, announcing a huge secret… that ‘this’ is what #Bayrougate is about. In summary, his article seemed to expose suppression of anti-Macron reports in French media, and how the French government/elites had joined forces against Le Pen out of fear of Nationalism and far-right extremism.

After France’s campaign ‘quiet time’ was initiated, pro Le Pen bots/trolls started tweeting #Macrongate and #Bayrougate together, and #Bayrougate became synonymous w/ suppression of the press. Example: “#Bayrougate won’t let us talk about #Macrongate anymore… the globalists are protecting him, denying the people the truth.” Le Pen, herself, tweeted such nonsense… after quiet time was initiated, I might add.

But this narrative made absolutely no sense to me. What did any of this have to do with Bayrou? Nothing. Why were pro Le Pen bots/trolls (who are also Pro Trump), working so hard to bury a story that made Macron look bad? And why did those same bots/trolls then start bringing attention to the very hashtag they had successfully buried?

I sifted through tweets in the #Bayrougate search feed, painstaking putting all the French tweets through a translator and discovered that #Bayrougate is not a new hashtag. It’s an old one that had to do with a problem Le Pen and Bayrou had with each other prior to the first round of their Presidential election. Like the revived hashtag, the original had something to do with freedom of the press. It was about how Le Pen couldn’t just do or say whatever she wanted in the name of politics… and it included a counter narrative that wondered why the French media was keen to print terrible things about Le Pen but not her opponents. The courts had ruled that while libel is illegal in France, and while libelous rhetoric is not allowed in their politics… certain media attacks against Le Pen were allowed: She did misappropriate funds from the EU, and… it is okay to call her a Fascist because she is one.

But this is an old story. Why had the hashtag been revived? Because this recently published article brought it back to life, with new developments, and they needed to silence emerging conversations.

  • Conversations about how, if elected President, the EU wants to dock Le Pen’s MEP salary until she pays back the $5 million she misappropriated.
  • Conversations about how Le Pen had been “proven” in a court of law to be corrupt.
  • Conversations about how she is not only a Fascist, but one who is facing criminal prosecution for promoting anti-Muslim extremism… and how can the people elect a President who will likely soon be convicted of such a crime? Will even more charges be brought against her?
  • Conversations about how Le Pen had to borrow money from Putin because neither French nor European banks were willing, nor are they ever likely, to give her a dime… and if she can’t even earn a living to pay him back… how would that effect her loyalties and ability to govern for The People of France?
  • Conversations about Le Pen’s actual motives for destroying the European Union. For France? For the Kremlin? Or for her own personal benefit?
  • Conversations about how it really is okay to have these conversations about Le Pen without fear of facing libel charges… because judicial rulings against her make these issues legitimate.

The real #Bayrougate story of 2017 may not hit the press in time to make a difference in the French election, but it’s still quite newsworthy… and not just because it exposes the reality of who Le Pen is. The mind blowing method in which it was buried reveals just how incredibly crafty the Kremlin can be with its Hybrid-warfare… and how much our International Intelligence Community really needs to step up their game.