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Scapegoating Tulsi Gabbard

Political smears usually are intended to coverup something the smear artist doesn’t want the public paying attention to, or to manipulate people into adopting certain positions. Here is a quick analysis of what I think the main smears against Tulsi are about…

a. The homophobic surf cult smear was orchestrated by millionaire convicted pedo, Nick Bredimus, who lives in Tulsi’s hometown. He created it to deflect (proven!) allegations, so he could say: “They’re a homophobic cult, slinging homophobic tropes!”

How I discovered the dubious sources behind the nasty cult smear.

b. The Assadist smear was started by Evan McMullin, and propagated by others who want our government to keep these Killing Fields going… and I’m also beginning to think it is desperately pushed by people who don’t want President Gabbard to throw them in prison for treason.

Origins of the Assadist smear, and how it was used to turn Democrats into cheerleaders for the war party.

c. The RSS Princess smear is an Anti-India influence Op. Tulsi actually isn’t their only target. She’s just the most prominent one.

Fact Check: The alleged RSS money trail.

Fact Check: The Butcher of Gujarat Meme.

d. The Russian Asset smear is meant to demonize Tulsi for her effort to reform the DNC, and to stop her effort to restore the power of nomination and elections to the people.

If the nesting doll fits…

The Resistance is a threat to our democracy.

That’s the origins of the main smears used against her… the main ingredients of the War Party’s anti-Tulsi narrative. I don’t think the public will put up with it much longer. The propagandists are starting to sound like broken records, repeating the stuff over, and over…

As someone who has studied rhetoric and political philosophy for quite a while now, I also have an academic interest in these propaganda campaigns. The scapegoating is astounding.

Notice, how none of these smears are about anything *she* has done…

What these narratives actually do, is demonizes four men, then holds her accountable for *their* sins. It’s really amazing to me the way they accomplished this. They have the public wanting to punish these men *through* her, as if she were a living voodoo doll. It’s sadistic.

They’ve accomplished this by using the extremely manipulative, “you’re either with us or against us” argument. All they say she needs to do to escape the dilemma, is condemn the real target. But Tulsi doesn’t play politics of enmity.

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All Risk And No Reward

What are these “regime change wars” that Tulsi Gabbard keeps talking about? I didn’t realize until recently that a lot of people don’t really understand what regime change wars even are.

Regime Change War is what we call it when our country triggers a society into overthrowing their own government. It hurts a lot of people, costs us lots of money, and contrary to what the powers-that-be hope, we usually get nothing out of it.

In military strategy we call this, “All risk, and no reward.” Also known as: Stupid Wars.

Professor Bacevich lecture on Forever War.

We usually start this rubbish by declaring that a society isn’t democratic enough, then decidedly set out to help them become more democratic. Turns out – we have not been able to help a single nation be as democratic as we would like them to be. Hence: “Forever War”.

It is a failed foreign policy. There are people who have been warning about this for years, but they keep getting demonized, and their message drowned out. Why? Possibly because there are rich and powerful people who grow even more powerful and even richer, as long as we keep doing it. Our tax dollars go to them. The arms industry, the private contractors we hire to help us nation-build, and disaster capitalists often posing as philanthropists. Disaster capitalists like the Clinton Global Initiative.

It’s really fricken gross when you look into the structure and dynamics of these of regime change wars. Horrifying, even. The disaster capitalist side of it is the grossest, in my opinion. There’s this sick pattern of creating humanitarian crisis (usually through sanctions), so they can collect our tax dollars to go fix what we broke.

MEGA THREAD: Read more…

Most of it isn’t even sanctioned by our congress, or our official government. It’s all pretty shady, and it needs to end. It is turning us, as a nation, into the Baddies. We aren’t even acting like the world’s police, like most Americans think we are. We are more like arsonists, putting out our own fires.

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On the subject of “dividing The Movement”Ā and “weakening the fight against The Establishment”:

Which movement,Ā and which establishment are people referring to? What is the mission of The Movement? I’m not confident that The Movement actually deals with issues most important to me,Ā and I’m not on board with them.

I stand with Tulsi against the War Party. The fact that many of The Movement’s objectives conflict with Tulsi’s cause against the War Party is very telling to me. TulsicratsĀ and Berners are not fighting the same fight. We want some of the same things, but whyĀ and how we get them matters.

This “unity” thing tells people that the fight against the establishment is too important to be picky about who we vote for. They tell us that Tulsi and Bernie are fighting for and against the same things. They tell us that our best chance at winning is to unite behind the candidate with the strongest numbers. Namely, Bernie. They tell us that the best way to support Tulsi’s fight, is to throw her supposedly meager troops in with his.

Their message is working:

But they could not be more wrong. It is time to unblur the lines. Contrary to what BernOuts want people to believe, Tulsi is not a socialist and she is not advocating for the same policies as the “progressive” movement is.


TulsiĀ and BS are both fighting for healthcare reform. But I’m not convinced that Bernie’s plan is the best way to do it. He’s more concerned with using healthcare issues to persuade people against capitalism. While Tulsi’s healthcare reform is actually about giving us better healthcare.

TulsiĀ and BS are both fighting for the environment. But I’m not convinced that Bernie’s plan is the best way. He’s more concerned with using climate panic to trigger system change. While Tusli’s measures are actually about clean air, clean water, clean soil, clean food, and clean energy.

TulsiĀ and BS are both fighting “the Establishment”. But I’m not convinced that Bernie’s is the best way. She wants to end the War Party’s grip on politics. His way would hand total control of our country to a managerial class, run by the same fricken people. šŸ˜ 

TulsiĀ and BS are both fighting for Peace. But how they each define Peace matters a lot. Tulsi wants to end the War Party’s habit of starting wars. While Bernie is cool with starting shit around the world, as long as we do it covertly, especially if it helps the global proletariat. šŸ˜”

TulsiĀ and BS are both fighting to make life better for us. But I am not confident that Bernie’s is the best way. There is no prosperity without peace. His interventionist tendencies, and habit of falling for the lies of “humanitarian” war will keep us in a perpetual state of war.

Throwing our support behind BS is not our best chance to win. Joining The Movement that backs him would be the best way to lose. #iLikeBernie‘s promise to make our lives better, but #iStandWithTulsi for #PeaceAndProsperity,Ā because sheĀ is #TheRealDeal.

What’s more… Bernie can’t defeat Trump without Tulsi (either as VP or the promise of her being his Secretary of State). This is because Bernie is half-the-man he used to be. He can’t do it without her, because SHE is the real winner here. We only win, if #TulsiWins.

#iStandWithTulsi #TheRealDeal #WinWithTulsi