Climate Action without Losing our Minds (CALM) Resolution

AOC recently challenged the public to come up with a legislation better than her GND Resolution. Tulsi Gabbard already wrote one (the OFF Act), but here’s my go at it:

Recognizing that existential climate crisis is a growing national security concern that needs to be addressed before it triggers an engineered proletariat uprising that could destroy our democracy;

Whereas climate alarmists rely upon the IPCC’s predicted worst case scenario;

Whereas, that worst case scenario calls for net-zero carbon emissions no later than 2050;

Whereas, the IPCC’s worst case scenario also calls for a reduction of 2010 carbon emission levels by 45% no later than 2030, AND/OR carbon scrubbing technology to eliminate excesses of reduction goals by 2050;

Whereas, there is little confidence that we can meet a 45% reduction by 2030;

Whereas, technology already exists, to capture carbon-dioxide from the atmosphere, which can be further combined with hydrogen to create ultra-low carbon synthetic fuel for aircrafts, large sea vessels, and large motor vehicles;

Whereas, the same carbon-scrubbing technology can be used to recycle carbon-dioxide for greenhouse use, wherever extreme weather may prohibit outdoor agriculture;

Whereas, there is little confidence that renewables are a viable solution for sustaining net-zero emissions, for reasons that include, but are not limited to, unreliability, inefficiency, counterproductive emissions created during production and maintenance of renewable technologies, ineffective costs, deforestation effects, competition with agriculture, and unmanageable manpower requirements;

Whereas, nuclear energy provides carbon neutral energy, and concerns related to nuclear melt-down, hazardous waste, and weaponization of by-products can all be alleviated by both old and new technologies;

Whereas, Thorium Molten Salt energy was developed and proven to work safely, efficiently, without greenhouse gas emissions, and without risk of nuclear meltdown in the 1960s, but was abandoned due to its un-weaponizable characteristics;

Whereas, technology now exists to convert harmful nuclear waste into harmless synthetic diamond batteries that would each provide continuous carbon-free energy for at least one hundred years;

Whereas, technology now exists to convert coal into carbon fiber;

Whereas, carbon converted from coal, and carbon captured by carbon scrubbers can be converted to synthetic diamonds;

Whereas, our coal industry can be revived, and repurposed for the production of these synthetic diamonds;

Whereas, motor vehicle manufacturers are already transitioning, of their own accord, to produce electric vehicles, exclusively; and DIY kits are already available to citizens to convert their existing motor vehicles from fossil fuel engines to electric motors; and if we are able to develop them, could be adapted as well for synthetic diamond car batteries;

Whereas, Thorium Molten Salt energy plants can be multipurposed for atmospheric carbon scrubbing, production of ultra-low carbon fuel, recycling of nuclear waste for the production of synthetic diamond batteries, and desalination for the purpose of agriculture, reforestation, and alleviating drought through fresh water pipelines;

Whereas, synthetic diamond batteries can be sold to manufacturers for the production of electronics with built in batteries, making Thorium Molten Salt plants profitable enough to at least cover operational costs;

Whereas, Thorium is abundant enough to supply us with fuel for Thorium Molten Salt energy plants for thousands of years;

Whereas, the non-renewable technologies identified in this resolution are already tested, and proven viable;

Whereas, the United States is already involved in cooperative projects with China and India, to improve and advance Thorium Molten Salt technology;

Whereas, the non-renewable technologies identified in this resolution would be all that we would need to reach net-zero carbon emission levels;

Whereas, the non-renewable technologies identified in this resolution would make renewable energy unnecessary and undesirable;

Whereas, these non-renewable technologies can be employed seamlessly into our society, with very little disruption to daily life, with very little disruption of current infrastructure, and would not require the nationalization of industry or the creation of a Total War Machine that would place our nation under emergency rule;

Whereas, these technologies would provide our nation with energy independence, which would allow us the freedom to wage peace, instead of war;

Whereas, these technologies are valuable enough to strengthen our relationships with other nations through cooperative scientific endeavors;

Whereas these technologies would provide long lasting energy products, with low profit margins, making them less conducive to corporate greed, and could best be employed as public utilities;

Whereas, the elimination of the fossil fuel industry would contribute to global peace, by eliminating a major cause of migrant crises that drive a large part of the Western world to adopt inhumanitarianism;

Whereas, the elimination of fossil fuels would provide opportunity to oil rich nations to repurpose petroleum for textile manufacturing within their own countries, improving the lives of their own people;

Whereas, our own oil reserves may be repurposed for textile industries as well, boosting our own economy;

Whereas, the elimination of the fossil fuel industry would reduce government corruption, and would release monies horded by the fossil fuel industry into the public sphere, thus contributing to the wealth of our people, improving upward mobility, and would thus restore the American Dream;

Let it be resolved…

That a committee be formed to explore issues of safety, regulation, viability, advancement, and employment of these non-renewable technologies, in consideration of all types of extreme weather, and to explore how we can best collaborate on related projects with the rest of the world;

That hearings be held with experts in relevant fields to help us establish a net-zero carbon energy network that includes these reasonable non-renewable solutions, with consideration of how carbon-scrubbing technology can alleviate public panic by extending initial target dead-lines from twelve, to at least thirty years;

That legislators and prominent activists receive counterintelligence briefings that warn them of how adversarial entities may be using climate alarmism to undermine our democracy;

That we may avert a climate crisis without having to sacrifice our democracy, and without losing our minds; so that we can keep CALM and carry on with our lives, while creating a more peaceful world.

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