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Tulsi warns: Erdogan is out to establish a Caliphate for himself.

What's happening in Syria? Tulsi Gabbard comments on Erdogan's invasion of Syria, and his recruitment of Islamist groups. Meanwhile, Assad calls on Syrian Jihadists to defend their homeland.

I wish I could remember what news piece I came upon that prompted me to write this in the summer of 2017, but I’m so happy to see that Tulsi Gabbard sees this, too. The woman is so fricken smart, and there is no better geopolitical strategist running for Commander in Chief.

The signs have been there, for a while now.

Meanwhile, Assad is calling upon Syrians who have joined opposition groups to return home, and join with the Syrian Army to fight off the Turkish invasion.

Tulsi says: GTFO of Syria, now! (H.Con.Res.70)

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