Tulsi Gabbard calls assassination of Iranian General an unconstitutional act of war

In an early morning interview with Fox News, Tulsi Gabbard called Trump’s order (in circumvention of congress), for the targeted assassination of a high level Iranian general in Iraq, an unconstitutional act of war.

Fox responded by asking Tulsi about how she can justify her comments, since Iran has supposedly killed American troops.

Truth is — Iran was never held directly responsible for those deaths. Rather, they supplied the weapons and materials that led to them during Operation Iraqi Freedom… a war that we fought over a decade ago, based on lies.

Iran responsible for deaths of 608 American troops in Iraq

If Iran can be held directly responsible for these deaths, then America could also be held directly responsible for deaths caused by the weapons we have sold/supplied to various countries throughout the world.

Truth is — there has not been a direct conflict between Iran and US forces. This was always something we have tried to avoid.

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And how can Tulsi justify her comments, since our embassy was under attack?

Truth is — the protestors failed to penetrate the US embassy, and withdrew after a standoff. Our embassy in Baghdad is a huge fortress, and there is no way that protestors could have broken through its barriers.

And how can Tulsi justify her comments, since Iran is about to build the bomb?

Truth is — Iran has been trying to salvage the JCPOA Treaty.

Iran remained in compliance with the Iran Deal as late as July, but then announced that they would increase its enrichment of uranium beyond the purity allowed under the agreement, if a way couldn’t be found to shield them from U.S. sanctions targeting their economy and oil industry.

Despite Iran’s previous compliance, Trump admin began imposing draconian sanctions against them in October of 2017, five months after Trump reportedly struck a secret deal to help Saudi Arabia defeat Iran.

These unjustified sanctions, imposed by both the United States and the UAE, have led to civil unrest in Iran, and have been condemned by European leaders.

Truth is — threats to build a bomb are the only leverage Iran has to save itself from devastation.

Tulsi Gabbard has long described Trump’s behavior toward Iran as capitulation to Saudi Arabia, and categorized actions taken against them as a regime change effort.

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Author: Naomi Allen