Politics are local. Get out there and get the vote out for Tulsi!

Soldier’s Heart v Rich Man’s Wars
WOC v White Savior Lady
Rebel v Revolutionary
Bad-Ass v Kick-Ass
By-And-For-The-People v All-American
The People’s Champion v Champions of Industry
FuckThisShit v FuckIt

I like that Pete is a vet. Brinksmanship of our current world leaders makes it all the more important for us to elect a leader who knows how to wage war. But Tulsi has even more military & national security experience than him, and her peacemaking skills make her all the better.

I have nothing nice to say about Warren. I used to think she was smart, but now I think she’s just smart enough to trick us into voting against our own interests. And her White Savior Complex is gross. Want to help elevate POC’s? Let’s put a WOC in the WH and get on with it.

I like that Bernie stands for change, but he goes too far. Tulsi is a rebel for the cause of the people. And when she says “the people” she means America. Bernie fights for the global proletariat. Not my cup of tea. I want a president who will save our country, not burn it down.

Biden is an excellent geopolitical strategist, and I have a lot of respect for the way he once stood up to the War Party. Tulsi was one of the courageous soldiers he spoke of here, and she is now the woman of courage who can & WILL finish what he started.

I like that Amy respects our freedoms & American values. And I like that Tulsi has spent her entire adult life literally defending and serving our country. Protecting our country, and preserving our constitution, isn’t just a job for Tulsi. It is her calling. #RestoreTheRepublic

Awful nice of the elite to step down from their Ivory Towers and deign to champion our causes. But… haven’t we learned our lesson, yet? Goodbye, Rich-and-Powerful. Bold-and-Beautiful is the new Presidential.

And… about Yang? I like Yang. He seems nice. Did you know he is in his 40’s? Yeah… I thought he was a lot younger. He seems like a lot of fun, but I’m really taking this election seriously, and I really think we need a grownup in the White House.