Is Tulsi conspiring with Wall Street Fat Cats?

This post was updated on 26 October to include a recorded statement from Tulsi Gabbard.

While most are reporting that Hillary told former Obama advisor David Plouffe that Tulsi is a Russian asset, those who have listened to the entire interview would discover that what Hillary actually said, was that she knows the Republicans have their eye on someone, and are grooming her for a third-party run.

And while left-wing media focused on the “Russian asset” story, FOX was reporting that Tulsi is conspiring with Wall Street Fat Cats, for a third-party run.


Wolf later clarified that he invited her to the dinner (at Scaramucci’s restaurant) to talk about her foreign policy platform. He also offhandedly mentioned that Tulsi had previously spoken at a SALT Conference (run by Scaramucci). Is it possible that these were the Republicans Hillary was referring to? If so, Tulsi disappointed them when she made it perfectly clear that she would not be running on a third-party ticket.


Wolf actually isn’t a Republican, but a Democrat who worked for several years in the Obama administration. He currently serves on the board of directors for the Obama Foundation, on the advisory board for the Center for American Progress (whose employees are known for harassing the congresswoman), and as a Hillary mouthpiece on the Fox Network.

I don’t think it was a coincidence that Wolf picked Scaramucci’s restaurant, then mentioned Scaramucci’s SALT conference. Sounds like Hillary and Brock are up to dirty tricks.

By the way… her mentioned SALT Conference speech isn’t a secret. Video of the event has been posted on her YouTube Channel for a while.


This is the second time FOX has mislead people about Tulsi’s campaign activities. A previous event reported as “courting Wall Street money” was actually a speaking engagement with CORE Club in New York City.



In case you don’t know… the Red-Baiters have long speculated about Scaramucci hatching a super secret plan to run a third-party candidate against Trump.

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Author: Naomi Allen