It really would be nice…

  • Naomi Allen
  • 14 Jan 2019

Yesterday, at my place of business…

“I’ve been saying for years that we need to secure the border. All that crime. It’s horrible.”

“Pretty sure those crime numbers are off. The President needs to stop watching Fox. They’re not even FCC licensed and don’t have to tell the truth.”

“But what about the disease?”

“Yeah. If people got their vaccinations they wouldn’t have to worry about that nonsense. But we’re not even pro- illegal immigration, you know. Our problem is with the way our legal immigration system is broken. People who are actually following the legal process shouldn’t end up in prison… and human beings shouldn’t be treated like animals… should they?”

“But it’s so true that (immigrants) get treated better. Took my sister forever to get her license renewed at the DMV, but this guy who couldn’t even speak English got his brand new license super quick, with no problem.”

“Was she getting the new fancy ID that doubles as a passport? Yeah. They really do want a ton of documents for that nonsense.”

“We have our own people to worry about. Did you know that in some states, there are more people on welfare than there are working?”

“How many of those people on welfare, also work? Cuz that’s a problem, you know… a lot of people who work full-time still need state assistance.”

“I think we have a lot more people unemployed than we think. Those numbers are all about who’s collecting unemployment benefits… not those who aren’t actually working.”

“Yeah, I agree. Just about every one of our presidents uses that trick to inflate their jobs numbers. It’s pretty gross.”

“If Democrats started doing what they used to do–focused on the working class and working conditions, so people actually could and would want to work again, they’d start winning again. Too bad they’ve lost their way.”

“That’s why I’m glad they just announced they’re not letting outsiders like the socialists run on our ticket anymore.”

“But how’s that going to work if Democrats *are* socialists?”

“But they’re not. They’re mostly social democrats.”

“What’s the difference?”

“Communism, socialism, and democratic socialism are all anti-capitalist. Communism turns local businesses into community co-opts that nobody privately owns. With socialism, the government takes over industry and ends corporatism by becoming Thee Corporation. Democratic socialism isn’t really its own political ideology, but more like the process of choosing and transitioning to socialism.

But social democracy is pro-capitalism, with the government only involved in business to regulate it, in a way that makes sure it doesn’t harm the welfare of the people. It has nothing to do with socialism… It’s only called ‘social’ because it believes the government should function to serve the welfare of its society. Not sure why people think any of that is a bad thing.”

“It really would be nice… if it actually worked that way.”

“Yep… it really would be.”