Know Thine Enemy: The Trad-Right (A Reading List)

I keep meaning to write a thoughtful post about cultural warfare strategy, but… honestly… micro-blogging on Twitter has wrecked my writing skills a lot more than power-blogging on Blogger once did. The subject matter, however, feels too important to not write about right now. And so… instead of ruminating over this for weeks, I’ll start with a reading list and few brief notes about who I believe are the greatest threat to liberalism at the moment.

In my opinion, our oldest, and strongest enemy are they who FDR called the Economic Royalists, who now identify themselves as cultural conservatives, or as the new/alt/trad-right. I think they should be called the Remnants of the Slave Masters. If you’ve ever wondered why some conservatives let Russia get away with what they do… it’s because they share the same goals for America. They are the enemies within… which is what makes them our greatest threat.

Some refer to them as the Christian-Right. Personally, I resist calling them this. Besides being Christian myself, I know a lot of decent Christians who call themselves conservative, and who aren’t evil bastards like these people. In my opinion, the trad-right are more Anti-Christ than actually Christian… a topic that really deserves its own separate entry.

The following is a list of what I have found extremely useful for understanding their agenda and political strategy. Their primary strategist is William Lind… co-founder of the Heritage Foundation.

  • Cultural Marxism (A Primer). Please read all the materials linked on that page, and at least the first chapter of Breivik’s lengthy manifesto. These articles and resources reveal the history of this group, their ideology of inequality, and how they radicalize people and grow their base.
  • Cultural Conservatism Toward a new National Agenda. This book, crafted by William Lind, reveals their strategy for co-opting Christianity and turning Christians against liberalism. Equally important, it reveals their policy goals… which they’ve disguised as the promotion of Christian values. These policies are extremely anti-feminist, by the way. They seem to be more afraid of independent women, than they are of minorities.
  • Victoria: A Novel of Fourth Generation War. Also written by Lind, under a pseudonym which he recently owned up to. Don’t bother with free e-versions of this book… chapters were left out of those. Reading the book reviews, you’ll see many complain about how this is such a strangely written novel that does more tell than show. The book is “strangely” written, because it isn’t actually a “novel”. Rather, it is a game-plan for re-establishing America as a slave state, disguised as a novel. Lind would say, that this piece is a “prediction”. But in my view, prophecies that include plans and strategies of self-fulfillment aren’t actually “predictions” … they’re conspiracies.
  • Ship of Fools: How a Selfish Ruling Class Is Bringing America to the Brink of Revolution. Since he often spews their rhetoric, I’ve suspected Tucker Carlson of being trad-right. This recent book of his confirms it for me. The works listed above are pretty old, and many of the trad-right goals have been met since they were written. Tucker Carlson’s Ship of Fools serves as a sort of, current State of the Union address for the trad-right community… as well as a recruitment tool. Like Lind, Carlson “predicts” civil war, and the replacement of democracy with authoritarianism in America.

While reading through all of the above, you might notice that their ideology is outwardly Nazi, but inwardly socialist/communist. I was initially confused by this, but… think about it…

  • Early socialist groups in America were deeply rooted in Christianity, and they even called themselves Christian Socialists.
  • National-Bolshevism amounts to socialism for the in-group, at the expense of out-groups.
  • Bertrand Russell once said that Bolshevism needed to adopt religious fanaticism in order to be successful, and it seems that contemporary socialists are heeding his advice.

One more item you may be interested in for research purposes… not actually from the American trad-right, but what looks to be what is being used to forge relationships between Russian and American trad-right groups… the Christo-Fascist writings of Codreanu.

Something that I think is very important to consider when crafting counter-strategy against the trad-right: I really don’t think that they can accomplish their goals without the support of Christians… and the anti-abortion issue is their main tool for Christian recruitment.

That’s all for now. Good luck! And, please drop me a line if you’d like to share ideas.

Author: Naomi Allen