Loud mouthed haole calls for Tulsi Gabbard’s resignation

DailyKos continues to push this silly narrative about Tulsi being the most disliked candidate… so disliked that people from her home state are calling for her to resign from congress. People like… Neil Abercrombie.

But Neil’s opinion means very little in Hawaii. In fact, being dissed by that loud mouthed haole (white man) who got voted out of office after he commercialized public lands and tried to slash pension funds, and who recently supported the Mauna Kea telescope project, may make her even more popular with Hawaii voters.

By the way:

Despite reports about her waning support, December was the congresswoman’s best month for fundraising.

And official roll call records show that among legislators currently on the campaign trail, Tulsi Gabbard and Amy Klobuchar missed the least percentage of votes in 2019.

Author: Naomi Allen