NazBol Gang When?

Me, back in May 2017:

Most alt-right “true” believers are anti-Trump socialists. Richard Spencer, leader of the alt-right, even very recently publicly said that he is a Bernie supporter… Don’t be fooled by the Alt-Right. They are anti-West, anti-Democracy, anti-Liberty. And not just un-American, but anti-American. If you don’t believe me, go watch the full speech Spencer gave at Auburn University recently. (link)

Here’s his main speech… full of outrage triggering Nazi rhetoric:

And here’s the Q&A session, in which he reveals his socialist views:

Know what I’ve noticed about the illiberal right and left? They share the same agenda. The Green New Deal promoted by “democratic” socialists, and Trump’s economic nationalism1 actually compliment each other… because they both promote socialism. Leftist anti-war rhetoric and the right-wing’s America First policies both promote isolationism. Social Justice Warriors on both sides of the aisle… the hyper-vigilant anti-fascists who impose group-morality, and the fascists who promote group-think… they both promote collectivism.

Think about it. The goals of each, compliment the other. Put democratic socialism and national socialism together… and you’ll see that there is no need for either side to compromise. They fit together like hand and glove. And if they ever do come together, we’ll end up with National Bolshevism… and the end of liberal democracy.

If I’m harder on the left than the right at the moment, it’s because I’m on that side of the aisle. For the last two years, we’ve been telling Republicans that if they don’t agree with their loudest, most visible members, then they need to speak up. And that’s exactly what I’m doing… speaking out against things I think are going wrong in my own party.


  1. If you have doubts about whether “economic nationalism” is meant to be socialist, please watch Steve Bannon’s October 2017 GOP speech, when speaking of economic nationalism and he says: “Why nationalism? It works for China.”

Author: Naomi Allen