Never Again to ANYONE … Even Catholic Schoolboys in MAGA Hats

A lot of people are really upset with those Catholic school boys who allegedly harassed a native American elder in DC the other day. And they’re pissed off at Robby Soave for coming to their defense. But I’m happy he is doing this, and I totally agree with him.

I watched the videos, and I really don’t think they did anything wrong. But don’t take my word for it. Go ahead and see for yourself.

It looks to me, like… They were doing the “tomahawk chop dance” before the Native American elder even entered the scene. It looks to be a school cheer… and they did a lot of them, in response to the Black Hebrew Israelites who were trying to provoke them. They weren’t mocking the elder… He walked over to them, and offered up a drum beat to go with their cheers.

The Black Hebrew Israelites (BHI) were the aggressive racists here. Seriously. Why are people afraid to say this? Because they’re black? If your social injustice lens only detects white racism, you really need to check yourself. Bigotry comes in different shades, y’all. Not just white. And this group? This black group? They’re a religious extremist group of misogynistic, Anti-Semitic, black supremacists who are itching to fight a bloody race war in America. Moreover, dick holes like them seem to exist to validate the white genocide conspiracy theory the Nazis use to recruit new followers.

Now… don’t get it twisted. I am one who thinks that the white civil rights movement is stupid… because whites already have civil rights. I also see it as a dirty trick that means to reestablish and maintain white privilege. I am 100% against white supremacy. I am also 100% against black supremacy. I am 100% against systematic master/slave dichotomies, and I am against all forms of relative group morality.

If, in spite of all the evidence, you’re still trying to find reasons to persecute the Covington Catholic Schoolboys, if you haven’t raised an eyebrow over the BHI, and if you call yourself a liberal… I implore you to spend some time in self-reflection.

And, yes… I said, “persecution”.

“I’ve said it before & I’ll say it again… calling for private citizens to get fired, kicked out of school, & ostracized for doing things that they have a legal RIGHT to do, no matter how much we disagree w/ their actions, is wrong. This vigilante justice crap needs to stop.” — @girlyGRRRL

It’s one thing to expose propagandists, terrorists, and influencers who mean us harm. And I think we should certainly confront assholes whenever we encounter them in real life. But I think it’s malicious and terribly illiberal to publicly humiliate and call for the shunning of a private citizen… because we don’t like the way they behave.

“… we’re not allowed to ostracize people now? That’s Geek Social Fallacy #1. Acting like an asshole in a legal manner is what ostracism was made for.
— @DaphLawless

“Ostracism is a totally illiberal concept. But then, again, you’re a socialist, right? Thus you have no problem with collectivism and the community voting to determine your every action for you. Just one of the ways socialism and liberalism are incompatible.” — @girlyGRRRL

Yes, I understand that we want to eradicate systematic racism… but do you realize you are asking schools, employers, and communities to monitor, control, and decide the private lives of their employees and members? Do you realize you are holding trials of public opinion to determine a perfect stranger’s destiny? Do you realize, that you are actually killing self-determination with this bullshit? There is nothing liberal about this. Liberalism is supposed to be about overcoming systems of oppression… not imposing new ones. Seriously, people… think about it. Can y’all stop acting like the monsters the radical right accuses us of being? It’s embarrassing.

If you have the time, I highly recommend this lecture… about tolerance. In my opinion… if we remember that tolerance is about patience, it makes things a lot easier.

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