No more DOA’s

It is untrue that first responders have been told to stop doing CPR on heart attack victims.

In her latest attempt to influence the public against a concerted effort to contain the spread of COVID-19, Kim Iversen has distorted truth to convince people that public health efforts to limit exposure would supposedly end up killing more people.

According to Kim, EMT’s are being told to stop providing CPR services to heart attack victims. The way she words the narrative leads one to believe that EMT’s are turning their backs on adult heart attack victims and leaving them to die, because they are afraid to be contaminated.

Fact: EMT’s already use special equipment and practice CPR precautions to protect themselves from HIV and airborne pathogens. Contamination would not be a concern.

Fact: EMT’s are not being told to deny CPR. Under normal circumstances, heart attack victims are immediately transported to hospitals, CPR is accomplished enroute, and continued by ER staff upon arrival. For hospitals now over encumbered by COVID-19, EMT’s are now being told to instead complete CPR on site, and to not bring DOA’s back to the hospital. Trauma victims are still being given CPR enroute, since they would require more services that should not be delayed.

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