#OFFact vS #GND

By Naomi Allen
06 Dec 2019

Originally posted on Twitter.

February, 2019: AOC claims that, even though her GND is vague and doesn’t actually address climate issues, at least she’s trying. And she claims that since *nobody* else is even trying, it makes *her* the boss.  https://youtu.be/SgvFf5Irywc 

September, 2017: Tulsi Gabbard introduces her Off Fossil Fuels Act. A *real* plan for transitioning America off fossil fuels, and which make sure our economy and livelihoods survive the end of the fossil fuel era.  https://gabbard.house.gov/OffAct 


Why doesn’t AOC, Bernie, and the progressive movement like Tulsi’s OFF Act? Because it is a stand alone bill that exclusively addresses transitioning off fossil fuels, and doesn’t try to create a system-change. But you know what? I am COOL with that.

Tulsi Gabbard has made herself clear. She will not sponsor, endorse, or support the progressive movement’s Green New Deal, citing concerns over the vague language used.  https://insideclimatenews.org/news/22082019/tulsi-gabbard-climate-change-global-warming-election-2020-candidate-profile …

If we only have 12 years. like AOC claims, you’d think she & her progressive buddies would support the OFF Act. Especially since it actually does address the scientific issues. But nope. I guess *real* climate action isn’t her actual concern. So, yeah… the GND is shady a/f.

Here’s what else is super shady about the GND. Ask AOC and progressive politicians hard questions about it, and they deflect: “It’s just aspirational… don’t worry about it.” Shady bastards. One more reason #WhyTulsi needs to be POTUS, and not Bernie’s SOS.

@TulsiGabbard is right to be wary of the GND. Naomi Wolf even sent out a warning, to let us know we shouldn’t trust the people orchestrating it. The GND is deceptive and shady a/f.

And here’s Cenk, threatening to destroy the political careers of anyone who opposes the GND. Now you know why TYT went from supporting Tulsi, to making her out like literally Hitler, practically overnight.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jrngF8-nW-0 …

The progressive movement aims to build a coalition in congress to get their shady agenda done. We need a president who understands wtf is going on, and knows how to stop them. We need #PresidentGabbard.

P.S. I’ve gotten into arguments w/ Green-New-Dealers over this. They say they don’t support the OFF Act, cuz it doesn’t go far enough. But here’s the thing: Tulsi’s OFF Act makes it UNNECESSARY for us to go as far as the GND wants to take us. That’s why they won’t support it.

P.P.S. Green-New-Dealers like to accuse those who oppose them of being science-deniers. But the GND is not science. It is ideology.  http://archive.is/UP312 

Can we trust an environmental group… when it is funded by dark money and the fossil fuel industry? And why are we letting them write legislation for us? Are we being duped into solidifying the Oligarchy’s control over our society?  https://medium.com/@RobletoFire/shedding-light-on-the-sunrise-movement-fe7f8fcb73e …

And, look-see. AOC campaigned on a fake pledge to help pass the OFF Act. Rode in to congress on Tulsi’s coattails, only to stab her in the back.  http://archive.is/XePXj 

Tulsi’s OFF Act is superior to the GND in every way. It preserves the environment, ensures our economy & livelihoods survive the end of the fossil fuel era… without sacrificing our freedoms or breaking our constitution.

Even if you don’t believe in climate crisis… we *are* nearing the end of the fossil fuel era, and we need to make sure we survive it.

The GND sets a time goal for a carbon neutral society, and doesn’t actually call for actions to achieve this. The OFF Act only sets a time goal for our country switching to electric vehicles, and calls for environmental changes that are doable.

Great news! Tulsi is not 100% against nuclear energy. She would be cool with it if we figure out a permanent solution to nuclear waste… which is hopeful news for those of us who advocate for thorium energy!