Open Letter to C. Gralow

On Saturday, March 23, 2019 5:08 PM, Christine wrote a response to my blog post at, to which I replied…

Christine Gralow:

Answer to Paragraph 1

Regarding your assertation that the Civil [sic] Beat is wrong: I am not the Civic Beat. If you have a problem with something they wrote, take it up with them.

Answer to Paragraph 2

My piece does not include the articles you reference, because I am not performing a rhetorical analysis of them.

Answer to Paragraph 3

I really don’t know why you think you can persuade me to repeat *your* narrative. But nice try.

Answer to Paragraph 4

I have many sources. Would you point to a specific piece of information that you think requires attribution, and which you think you have a right to know the source of?

Answer to Paragraph 5

You’re right. While I do fact-check, and aim to write factually, I am not a fact-checker. I am an anti-propagandists… which often involves untwisting twisted facts, and performing exposition of distorted truths.

And if you think I am going to let you drag me into a debate about irrelevant “facts” that would further your effort to create associations that relate the unrelated, you are fucking high.

Answer to Paragraph 6

I would be happy to correct a factual error… if you could only point to one.

I most certainly will not apologize. Really. Are you naïve? Is this the first time your work as been peer reviewed?

And as far as agenda… I think I’ve made mine clear here:

Mahalo, Aloha!

Naomi Allen

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