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The Octopus

During a recent interview, Nancy PELOSI said that she thinks President TRUMP would like to abolish congress. This is something I’ve suspected for quite some time, and I am so relieved that someone on Capital Hill is now watching for any trends in that direction. And while her critics say that she is nuts, and that there is zero evidence that President TRUMP is planning to impose martial law… I posit that prepping the nation for martial law is exactly what TRUMP’s social media director and the propagandists over at InfoWars have been doing with their #QAnon project.

Take a look around social media, and you’ll discover people who are not only expecting martial law, but who are also quite joyful about it. Who in their right mind would actually want martial law in America? That’s the thing about propaganda… it seeds viral ideas that shape perspectives, tricking people into wanting what would be normally unacceptable. These people aren’t actually cheering for martial law… They’re cheering for how they believe it will be used to purge our government, and our nation, of a Cabal of the worst evil their minds can imagine.

I mentioned here that the #PedoGate thing is reminiscent of the Moral Panic that plagued America at the height of the Cold War. Know what else sounds really familiar to me? All this talk about a Cabal… which I had totally forgotten about until Trump revived Soviet Cold War propaganda about Afghanistan. That was enough to set off an alarm in my Cold Warrior mind… but when I noticed that certain right-wing propagandists are actually starting to talk crap about Reagan, I was convinced: #QAnon is a continuation of the Soviet’s Octopus propaganda project.

Prior to invading Afghanistan, the Soviets kicked their active measures into high gear and started gaining ground in Central America and the Middle East. In response, our country launched extremely aggressive counter-measures. In summary: We used every resource at our disposal to indirectly demoralize the hell out of them. Right or wrong, our efforts successfully led to the downfall of the Soviet Union… but not before having to fight a few Cold War battles on American soil.

Besides Soviet spies, co-opted businessmen, and turncoat politicians, we had a lot of propaganda to deal with… but two things initially worked in our favor. First: Propaganda was easier to keep track of and counter. Second: The CIA was allowed to do more on American soil, making it a lot easier to fight the bad guys. Much of the Soviet propaganda effort was meant to destroy these two advantages.

They demonized our CIA as a force of untethered power, with tentacles reaching into every aspect of society… and they claimed that we would see the end of freedom if it ever fell into the wrong hands.

They claimed that those “wrong hands” were brought into our government by the Reagan administration… who they claimed was using those “tentacles” to control the enemies of their evil Cabal.

They claimed that the Cabal had conspired with the CIA to provoke the Soviet Union into invading Afghanistan. They claimed that this was done to malign the Soviet image, and to justify attacks against them… which had to be done because the Soviets were all that prevented the power-lusting Cabal from establishing their New World Order.

Interestingly, one could call the whole thing an elaborate piece of Whataboutism… since our own government had likened the Soviet Union to an Octopus, whose tentacles aimed to strangle the entire world into submission. Unfortunately, the Soviet’s Octopus propaganda campaign was largely successful… and paranoia about government overreach eventually led to a complete prohibition of CIA activities on US soil, and to the end of the Fairness Doctrine (which had been effective at thwarting propaganda).

What made their campaign so effective, was that it actually had a basis in reality. The CIA certainly is a powerful global organization, and it could be used to do evil things if it ever fell under the control of evil people. And the United States certainly did establish a New World Order at the end of World War II, with which we wield a ridiculous amount of power… and we could do a lot of damage to the world if we don’t wield that power responsibly.

Today, it’s QAnon who revives the myth of the Cabal, and they’re using it to malign the FBI, the same way the Soviets once did the CIA. And it’s quite astounding… the way they’re using the myth to justify evil crap that they’re accusing the Cabal of doing in the first place… how they intend to stop the Cabal, who they claim are out to destroy American freedoms, by declaring martial law, which would suspend American freedoms.

No matter how you look at this thing… Trump and his ilk are evil bastards. If they’re not really planning a military Junta, then they’ve orchestrated an elaborate and devastating con job on the American public. If they really are attempting a military Junta… that would mean that they are conspiring to overthrow the government, for the purpose of violating civil rights. The fact that the first three phases of “The Plan” has been accomplished and Trump is currently working on the fourth makes me think that the latter is what’s going on.

But why? I’ve searched my heart and soul for reasons, and have come up with nothing good. Perhaps this is all a desperate and selfish attempt to escape criminal prosecution… from either his known crimes, or ones he fears the Kremlin might expose him for. Or maybe he is motivated by a sense of relative moral duty… and hopes to purge America of its non-Americans. And I can’t help but also wonder if he, himself, has fallen victim to Russian propaganda. That he repeats Kremlin narratives certainly suggests that he has adopted Russian Truth.

Maybe I’m wrong, and I certainly hope so. Maybe all he wants to do is build his stupid wall. But if I’m right… I hope that the GOP hasn’t entirely lost their minds, and that they will help stop him.

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All the King’s Men, Part II (Operation Red Castle)

Reposted from Twitter (with section added about “The Plan”).

WH, DHS, and Pentagon lawyers meet to figure out if/how Trump can declare a national emergency to divert resources and manpower from the military to build his stupid wall.

Lawyers discussing details of using national emergency to build wall “It’s always been an option,” said an official. “Now that things are getting worse, we are looking at how that could be operationalized.”

The article above states that they feel such measures are necessary since the border problem has worsened. However, actual number of illegal crossings suggest the situation has not only not worsened, but has improved since 2016. So what’s the real reason for this “national emergency”?

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This whole thing is making the #QAnon Qult break dance. Specifically, they are cheering on the prospect of Trump declaring martial law to build the wall… just like Q said he would. Here’s Jerome Corsi, “decoding” Q’s message, revealing critical stages of “The Plan”. He deleted the original, but a fan saved and reposted part of it:


Summary: Trump hid funding for the wall in the defense spending omnibus and intends to have the wall built by the military, who he will engage by declaring martial law… and while he’s at it, he will use martial law to command military tribunals and summary executions of the Cabal.

At the risk of sounding like a conspiracy theorist, I’ve been warning people about this for a while. The #QAnon thing is not a LARP. It’s an active measures Op meant to garner support for a military Junta, and to provoke uprising… and I am certain that Trump is actually behind the whole thing. If you haven’t already read my previous post about #QAnon, please do so now… and please watch the last video posted on that entry, in which Jerome CORSI explains why martial law is required for TRUMP to be able to prosecute the alleged Cabal.

“The Plan” aka “Operation Red Castle”

I am not an investigative reporter… I have a 24/7 career that prevents me from dedicating enough time to expose all of this in a more detailed fashion, but… here is a summary of “The Plan” that I’ve witnessed unfolding in #QAnon discourses. When things actually started coming true, I grew concerned.

  1. Trump obtaining authority to hold military tribunals and summary executions.  Sneakily Done (Watch: InfoWars briefing).
  2. Trump obtaining funding for the wall.  Sneakily Done.
  3. Deploying troops to the border. Done.
  4. Declaring a national emergency.✓ We are here.
  5. Declaring martial law to authorize the military for building the wall, mass immigration round ups, and military tribunals against the alleged Cabal (which happens to include Deep State Operatives).

If Trump really is behind this… if there really is a conspiracy… it means he has no intention of re-opening the government. In fact, the government shut-down would make it easier for him to accomplish all of this. And while their interpretation of law is kinda sketchy… now that the courts have been stacked in Trump’s favor… who could stop him? And if he isn’t orchestrating this plot, why hasn’t he denounced it? He watches InfoWars and must know what they’re saying.

Congress needs to get their shit together… and soon.

Someone should ask OMAROSA if all of this sounds like “The Plan” she learned of while working in the White House.

Someone should also ask Lindsey GRAHAM about why the hell he was asking KAVANAUGH about military tribunals. Is he in on this plot?

I also need to point out, that Trump has already quietly declared a national emergency to deal w/ traitors (recall, that he has been accusing Dems and the Deep State of doing things the EO says are to be dealt with). Now, all he has to do is figure out how to declare martial law.

Read: All the King’s Men (Part I)

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What Liberalism Means to Me

Liberalism is commonly described as a political and moral philosophy based on liberty and equality. But, because there is no common agreement about what concepts like liberty and equality should mean, this description tends to create confusion about what liberals actually stand for.

For example: Many understand the “liberty” of liberalism to mean that we think people should be free to do whatever they want. Because of this, we are often blamed for really stupid ideas that I think have nothing to do with liberalism, and worse, ones that actually conflict with liberal values. Such as, the idea that parents should be allowed to give their children sex change operations; and … really gross notions that I can’t bring myself to write out loud.

I think that this type of unrestrained “liberty” is better attributed to ideologies that believe in unrestricted societies… ideologies like anarchism or libertarianism. Especially since liberalism actually does advocate for societal restrictions. In particular, we favor rules that prevent people from taking advantage of those in weaker positions.

Liberals are so fond of such rules that some are under the impression that we would like to (or should) abolish politically incorrect speech for the sake of “coddling” (or protecting) society. But I think that those who run around trying to shut down offensive or hateful speech should stop calling themselves liberals, because freedom of speech is a core liberal principle. In my opinion, the only liberal way to defend against what we think are bad ideas is to counter them with what we think are better ones.

Besides… the politically incorrect “Free Speech Movement” is all about framing societal pressure against habits of inequality as if it was a nefarious conspiracy to promote conformity. While liberalism certainly does take up issues against inequality, we must not help them frame the “equality” of liberalism to mean that we want everyone to think, behave, and be the same. We must not forget that liberalism, in all its various forms and throughout its history, draws the conclusion that no one is truly free if we are not allowed to be individuals.

I think it is difficult to fully understand what liberals stand for, without also considering what we stand against. We stand for individual liberty, but not at the expense of others. We stand for equality, but not at the expense of individuality. Ultimately, we stand against oppression.

With this in mind, liberalism would be better described as a political philosophy that focuses on matters of individual liberty, based on the political theory that freedom cannot thrive in systems of inequality, and that it should be practiced with the moral imperative of overcoming master-slave dichotomies.