#infeKtion Patient Zero (Daily Stormer Exposé)

By now, everyone should know that the STORMER TROLL ARMY was responsible for turning Matt Furie’s Pepe into a racist MEME. What you might not know, is that this effort was launched by Andrew ANGLIN himself, when he created the KEK myth that proclaimed Pepe the Frog as a manifestation of the God of Chaos that early 20th century Nazis allegedly worshipped.

The SPLC reported that the myth was first posted in August of 2015 on the now defunct website, Atlantic Centurion. It was then reposted on ANGLIN’s Daily Stormer (onion.link archive), but later deleted.

For a while now, I’ve suspected that Andrew ANGLIN is a Kremlin agent… mostly because of what I’ve read in White Supremacy forums from Old Guard American Neo-Nazis who have claimed, for years, that ANGLIN lives in Russia and is on the FSB’s payroll.

Last year, a reporter from the Atlantic was told that ANGLIN has lived in Russia since at least 2015, and it is confirmed that he mailed his 2016 absentee ballot from Russia.

Assuming that ANGLIN has indeed been working for the FSB, the Kremlin’s #infeKtion Op may have started a lot earlier than people think. ANGLIN started organizing a new, private forum for his STORMER TROLL ARMY in October 2014 (which he said he would be running from outside the country). He announced that the new forum was needed for major Ops he was planning and wanted to be successful outside of /pol/. The very first set of orders he gave to would-be-members of this new troll forum, was to continue spreading the Ebola-Chan viral MEME.

Meet #infeKtion Patient Zero. The original Ebola-Chan image was created by an anime artist, in response to global panic triggered by reports of infected nurses bringing the Ebola virus onto Western soil. Like Pepe, she was co-opted by the Alt-Right and turned into a viral hate MEME.

The main stated purpose of the STORMER TROLL ARMY was (and still is), “… to make trouble for our enemies, the filthy Christ-Killing Jews.” Originally used as a viral MEME for spreading xenophobia, it didn’t take much for them to turn Ebola-Chan into a Nazi icon.

Discussions about the MEME were where the narratives took shape; Evil Whites were using Ebola to genocide Blacks, evil Blacks were trying to sneak the infection onto Western soil to genocide Whites, it’s Us versus Them, and of course — the Ebola holocaust was somehow, a Jewish conspiracy.

Fortunately, Ebola-Chan wasn’t very popular outside of /pol/. ANGLIN’s Death Goddess barely hit the mainstream when The Washington Post ripped her to shreds.

The uninitiated didn’t think it was funny to make fun of death, and were disgusted by the sexualization of a disease (masturbation rituals were involved, but I’m not about to go into detail about that).

The very first MEME War actually happened in 2015, when alternative social media sites launched their campaign to stop Ebola-Chan. The whole thing was quite brilliant, and I think it would actually make for a good propaganda case study.

It started with “Anti-Ebola-Chan” profile stickers, and discussions about how Ebola-Chan worshippers were a bunch of sick necro-pedophiles who circle jerked (homo-erotically) to Lolita pics. This phase was actually quite effective at putting people off of the whole idea, and successfully quarantined the viral MEME’s spread.

Phase two included a counter MEME character, which sort of failed. Images of battles between Ebola-Chan and a new anime nurse called Cure-Chan began circulating. The intention was to cure Ebola-Chan worshippers by killing off the character. But the images were so violent that 4-chan moderators actually banned Ebola-Cure battle MEMES from the site. Might as well… since some in the Death Cult were actually starting to like them.

Then came ZMAPP-Chan (who I’ve chosen as my site mascot)… an already active MEME spreading awareness of the Ebola vaccine on Facebook… recruited for the “Stop Ebola-Chan” cause. The Death Cult lost faith in their Goddess as soon as they discovered that there was an effective real life cure for the real life virus… rendering her not so powerful after all.

The STORMER TROLL ARMY then turned their sights on Pepe. I suppose they learned a valuable lesson with Ebola-Chan, and made sure that their new mascot was one who was already mainstreamed.

Unsurprisingly, ANGLIN and other Alt-Right propagandists started anti-vaxxing shortly after Ebola-Chan’s fall from grace. As it turns out, vaccinations have a profound affect on the human psyche. Besides subduing xenophobia, studies at Yale discovered that vaccinations can even turn conservatives into liberals.

Andrew ANGLIN still uses her image on his website whenever there’s a new Ebola outbreak. But for the most part, ZMAPP-Chan has knocked her so far off her pedestal that hardly anyone pays attention to weak-sauce Ebola-Chan anymore.

This post was updated on 25DEC2018: Corrected typos.

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