Scapegoating Tulsi Gabbard

Political smears usually are intended to coverup something the smear artist doesn’t want the public paying attention to, or to manipulate people into adopting certain positions. Here is a quick analysis of what I think the main smears against Tulsi are about…

a. The homophobic surf cult smear was orchestrated by millionaire convicted pedo, Nick Bredimus, who lives in Tulsi’s hometown. He created it to deflect (proven!) allegations, so he could say: “They’re a homophobic cult, slinging homophobic tropes!”

How I discovered the dubious sources behind the nasty cult smear.

b. The Assadist smear was started by Evan McMullin, and propagated by others who want our government to keep these Killing Fields going… and I’m also beginning to think it is desperately pushed by people who don’t want President Gabbard to throw them in prison for treason.

Origins of the Assadist smear, and how it was used to turn Democrats into cheerleaders for the war party.

c. The RSS Princess smear is an Anti-India influence Op. Tulsi actually isn’t their only target. She’s just the most prominent one.

Fact Check: The alleged RSS money trail.

Fact Check: The Butcher of Gujarat Meme.

d. The Russian Asset smear is meant to demonize Tulsi for her effort to reform the DNC, and to stop her effort to restore the power of nomination and elections to the people.

If the nesting doll fits…

The Resistance is a threat to our democracy.

That’s the origins of the main smears used against her… the main ingredients of the War Party’s anti-Tulsi narrative. I don’t think the public will put up with it much longer. The propagandists are starting to sound like broken records, repeating the stuff over, and over…

As someone who has studied rhetoric and political philosophy for quite a while now, I also have an academic interest in these propaganda campaigns. The scapegoating is astounding.

Notice, how none of these smears are about anything *she* has done…

What these narratives actually do, is demonizes four men, then holds her accountable for *their* sins. It’s really amazing to me the way they accomplished this. They have the public wanting to punish these men *through* her, as if she were a living voodoo doll. It’s sadistic.

They’ve accomplished this by using the extremely manipulative, “you’re either with us or against us” argument. All they say she needs to do to escape the dilemma, is condemn the real target. But Tulsi doesn’t play politics of enmity.

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Author: Naomi Allen