Stop lying to us, damn it!

What does it mean when people are labelled “anti-establishment”? Sometimes it amounts to accusing people of hating or mistrusting our government. Some of our citizens actually are self-loathing Americans. But a large number of us who are targeted with this slur neither hate America, nor do we stand against our democratic institutions. What we do oppose, is the established government policy of force-feeding ‘noble’ lies down our throats.

Recently, Joe Biden revealed himself as a card carrying member of that Establishment of ‘Noble’ Lies.

His comment leads many to assume that Venezuela’s recent presidential election is illegitimate. If it were so, then it would be logical for us to, “… stand with the National Assembly & Guaidó in their efforts to restore democracy through legitimate, internationally monitored elections.”

But… it isn’t so. And… here’s the truth:

For whatever reason — probably because their country was a mess, and our country was threatening to impose harsh sanctions if they didn’t get their shit together — Maduro called for an early presidential election. Other party leaders were rightfully upset about this sudden news. So then, their political parties got together; they agreed to the special election and a date to hold it. After the vote, Guaidó, who led the second largest political party, insisted that the whole thing was illegitimate due to lack of public participation. However… that lack of participation was his own fault… because he was the one who called on the public to boycott the agreed upon election to begin with.

And here’s another reality that people should consider: The UN recognizes Maduro as the rightful president of Venezuela. By recognizing Guaidó as their interim president, the United States is behaving contrary to international law.

But don’t take just take my word for it. Do the research yourself.

Mahalo, Aloha!

P.S. Election boycotts are stupid.

Author: Naomi Allen