The Great American Value Shift. Happening Now.

Kamala Harris was asked, on the View, if she thought that AOC and the “socialist left” could splinter the Democratic Party.

In defense of the introduction of socialist ideas, she said that: Defending a premise, requires one to “reexamine” and question whether the premise is still relevant… whether it has impact and meaning… and if we are not able to defend the merits of the status quo… then let’s explore new ideas.

Even if I’m wrong about how this might mean that she is questioning the merit and relevancy of democracy, I’m pretty sure that this definitely means that she thinks socialism is worth considering.

She followed that up with a brief comment about us having stuff in common… then gave a nod to the existential climate crisis and how we’re running out of time.

All of the democratic candidates seem to be using the same talking points. They all say that climate change is an existential crisis. They’re all beating drums for the Green War Machine. They’re all using the language of intersectionality to rally for the cause of environmental justice.

Was there a DNC meeting, in which these talking points were given to them as the new party lines? If so… I’d really like to know who came up with the idea, because these things are triggering a value shift for the Left… the same way Trump’s migrant horde did for the Right. They’re smashing our democracy, without even knowing it.

I was once “all in” for Kamala. But after this? I’m out.

Author: Naomi Allen