By Naomi Allen
28 Dec 2019

This thread was originally published on Twitter. Tweet-speak and typos have been left intact.

Isolationism, Neoconservatism, Progressive Internationalism, and the Progressive International, are all antithetical to Tulsi’s Peace and Prosperity policy.

The candidates are all trying to act like Progressive Internationalism is a new foreign policy. It isn’t. It’s the Clinton Doctrine…

Progressive Internationalism: A Democratic National Security Strategy

Bernie calls his version, “The Progressive International”. It’s the same fricken thing.

A new authoritarian axis demands an international progressive front

Tulsi is the only one offering a new foreign policy. Everyone else, pushing this really-not-really-new policy of progressive internationalism, is just tricking us into more perpetual war of intervention… under the guise of humanitarianism. “Humanitarian” war is a lie.

Bill Clinton recruited to lead the Progressive Policy Institute

Lipstick on a Pig…

Neoconservatism is making a comeback — and not among the Republicans who have made it famous but in the Democratic Party.

By the way: Disaster capitalism is big money. And the Clinton Global Initiative is its most prominent broker. Talk about huge conflicts of interest.

Making a Killing Out of Catastrophe