The Progressive International: Lipstick on a Pig

I really wish that people would stop acting like Tulsi Gabbard resigned her DNC co-chair position for Bernie’s sake. She did not do it for him. She did it to protest nomination rigging, and she later joined Bernie’s campaign to bring issues of war and peace into the public debate.

Tulsi Gabbard gave Bernie Sanders an endorsement. He gave her a platform on war and peace.

At the time, Bernie’s foreign policy platform focused on one single issue: His 2002 vote against the Iraq AUMF. Back then, his apparent disinterest in militarism had many convinced that he would not pursue wars of intervention.

All Risk and No Reward: A Primer on Regime-Change-Wars.

Since then, however, he has taken the time to articulate his vision… revealing that he really is no different than the others. Bernie’s Progressive Internationalism is a continuation of the same failed foreign policy that has kept us in a perpetual state of war. Bernie now stands with the War Party that Tulsi Gabbard is fighting against. They are not on the same team.

A new authoritarian axis demands an international progressive front

Even more shocking: Bernie’s longstanding deal with the War Party exposed. #BomberBernie

The candidates like to pretend that Progressive Internationalism is a new thing. But it really isn’t. It is the Clinton Doctrine…

Progressive Internationalism: A Democratic National Security Strategy

Tulsi is the only one offering us a new foreign policy. Everyone else, pushing this really-not-really-new idea, is tricking us into agreeing to more perpetual wars of intervention… under the guise of humanitarianism.

“Humanitarian” war is a lie.

Bill Clinton recruited to lead the Progressive Policy Institute

Lipstick on a Pig…

Neoconservatism is making a comeback — and not among the Republicans who have made it famous but in the Democratic Party.

Beware the Global Do-Gooder Democrats.

By the way: Disaster capitalism is big money. And the Clinton Global Initiative is its most prominent broker. Talk about huge conflicts of interest.

Making a Killing Out of Catastrophe

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Author: Naomi Allen