Trump’s False Peace

Mustafa Salim’s Twitter thread covering the Iraqi vote to kick Coalition Forces out of Iraq reveals alarming details.

Testimony from Iraq’s interim Prime Minister confirms reports that the Iraqi government had refused to protect the US embassy from protestors. The protestors did, however, retreat at the behest of the PM.

After the protest subsided, President Trump called the PM to thank him for his assistance. During that call, Trump requested permission to send more troops to the US embassy. The PM denied his request. Trump also asked if Iraq would mediate negotiations between the US and Iran. To this, the PM agreed.

Saudi Arabia was involved in these negotiations, and the Iraqi PM had a message from them delivered to Iran. Soleimani was on his way to meet with the PM to deliver Iran’s reply to that message when he was targeted by US drones.

Soleimani was assassinated while enroute to peace negotiations that Trump had requested.

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P.S. Certain reporters are sharing chatter they’re hearing from their USIC sources about Soleimani’s travel schedule revealing he was up to no good, and about Trump admin putting the hit job together at the last minute like Keystone Cops groping each other in the dark. Turns out – Soleimani was meeting with various factions to negotiate peace, and Trump admin knew exactly what he up to. Feeding reporters false info is standard counterintelligence protocol. Unattributed info leaked by intel agencies should never be trusted.

Author: Naomi Allen