Tulsi Gabbard is Radioactive

James Scaminaci III recently commented on Twitter that, “Nobody, save Naomi Allen, takes Gabbard seriously.” I assume he means nobody in academia, and he couldn’t be more wrong. Some of the most respected academic voices in US foreign policy are taking Tulsi Gabbard seriously. People like, Robert Kennedy Jr. (Professor Emeritus at Pace University).

David Bromwich (Sterling Professor of English at Yale University) has a history of defending Tulsi against the biased media, and recently praised Tulsi for criticizing US hegemony. He also described her in his latest book, American Breakdown: The Trump Years and How They Befell Us, as the only person on Capital Hill who genuinely wants to (and could) end the dirty wars.

She is also taken seriously enough to serve on the Council of Advisors for the Center for the Study of Statesmanship at Catholic University of America, alongside Andrew Bacevich (Professor Emeritus of International Relations and History at Boston University), who recently commented that Tulsi holds important and legitimate views on US foreign policy.

Professor Bacevich is right about something else: Tulsi Gabbard has become a bit radioactive, and speaking well of her is the quickest way to get yourself blacklisted in political circles. He would know about such things. And so would Professor Bromwich. As critics of US foreign policy, they’re both a bit radioactive themselves.

With Kennedy, Bromwich, and Bacevich… I think I’m in good company.

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Author: Naomi Allen