Tulsi Gabbard’s alleged ties with a money laundering ring (Part I)

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Is this a dare, or a double dare? 🙃

On meanwhileinhawaii.org, Christine Gralow alleges: A chain of health food stores in Hawaii is owned by a criminal. 2 guys, implicated in his crimes work for him. Butler is co-owner of these health food stores. Other Hindus work/shop at these stores. It’s all *connected*.

Something like that, anyway.

So… the parent company of the company that owns these health food stores is QI group, which Eswaran & Bismark co-founded. Tibby worked for the company (he’s now retired). According to Gralow, they’re all wanted criminals in India & the Philippines.

According to Gralow, Eswaran and Bismark are wanted in the Philippines for racketeering. Tibby is wanted in India for “absconding” charges of money laundering. So… they’re dirty a/f, tho (she adds), she doesn’t know if any of this “illicit” money made it to Tulsi’s campaign.

Except: She is grossly elaborating, and there was/is no criminal activity. She omits the fact that all the charges and claims were found to be bogus and were dropped. These are legit businessmen. I think I’ll take the word of Forbes over her bullshit blog.  https://www.forbes.com/sites/donaldfrazier/2012/10/24/selling-a-better-life/#593cba4f5fe5 …

Eswaran lives in Malaysia & doesn’t have anything to do with SIF or Butler, other than founding a company that Butler owns stock in.

There is no such thing as a SIF money laundering operation. Gralow is sooo full of crap.

 https://www.businessforhome.org/2017/04/supreme-court-of-india-rules-in-favor-of-qnet/ …

It is also untrue that QNet is banned in India. They’re just not in whatev registered database as QNet. They go by a different name there.  https://qnetindiagroup.blogspot.com/2013/08/faqs-about-qnet-in-india.html …

Also good to know: NYmag deleted the part about Qnet that Gralow fed them, from their article about Tulsi’s “weird” upbringing.

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Author: Naomi Allen