By Naomi Allen
02 Dec 2018

People are getting Bush the Father, and Bush the Son, confused with each other. Bush the Father didn’t start the War on Terror.. his son did. Bush the Father started the War on Drugs.

Still… the acts of either aren’t unrelated.

Why did Bush the Son speak as if Operation Iraqi Freedom would serve as justice for 9/11… when the guy who organized the 9/11 attack was actually from Saudi Arabia? Because 9/11 was exacted in revenge for what Iraqi soldiers witnessed during the Father’s Operation Desert Storm.

What happened during Operation Desert Storm?

I served in a medical unit during that war… and that shit was so fucked up. Most of the injuries we treated were self-inflicted… because our soldiers could not deal with what they had done, or with what they were expected to do.

Please, just go ahead and do the research yourself, because I don’t want to think about it anymore. Start with: Kuwait Turkey Shoot.

People might be upset with me for going on about all this since Bush 41 just passed away, but… I’m really annoyed with all this hero worship going on.

A thousand lights, blah, blah, blah… and yeah he ended the Cold War… but because of what he had our soldiers do during Desert Storm… it made our world a hell of a lot less safe. And he never had to answer for any of it. We are the ones who pay for it, and we will keep paying for generations as long as we keep pretending that it never happened.