Who the hell does Hillary think she is?

By claiming that Tulsi Gabbard’s anti-war stance and shaming of U.S. establishment leaders is “a wonderful vehicle for the Kremlin”, the War Party has established a fascistic environment that treats anyone who challenges Hillary Clinton as a traitor.

According to Hillary Clinton, Tulsi Gabbard is a favorite of the Russians, and Clinton Watts from the Foreign Policy Research Institute has provided reports to support her allegations. But the fine print of these reports reveal that Tulsi’s popularity in Russian media is significantly lower than what he wants people to believe.  http://archive.is/Ias8j 

Watts even admits, off handedly, that Tulsi is not mentioned often by Russian media. Still, he insists that we should consider her a Russian favorite anyway, because she supposedly advocates for what the Russian’s would like. https://www.nbcnews.com/politics/2020-election/russian-web-trolls-boo-biden-often-boost-gabbard-report-finds-n1085216 …

His argument is based on three points…

First: He claims that the Russians like that Tulsi lies about the U.S. backing Al-Qaeda. But he is the one who lies. The U.S. actually does back Al-Qaeda. Tulsi has been bitching about this for years, and her proven allegations have not been challenged outside of yellow journalist rags. Watts should know better — he was one of the foreign policy experts who advocated for our government to ally with Al Qaeda to overthrow the Syrian government in the first place. http://archive.is/06P0y

Second: Watts claims that, to Russia’s pleasure, Tulsi advocates for the U.S. to “withdraw from the world”. But Tulsi Gabbard is not an isolationist, and she has never advocated for us to “withdraw from the world”. In fact, she advocates for increased diplomacy, and for our country to collect more allies than enemies.

Third: Watts claims that the Russians are likely pleased that Tulsi shames U.S. establishment leaders. While it is true that the Kremlin has previously backed anti-establishment politicians, Tulsi’s brand of anti-establishment is not the sort that the Kremlin would like. She does not advocate for system-change, and is a strong defender of our constitution. In fact, those who promote the type of anti-establishment sentiments that Russia would like actually despise Tulsi’s patriotism and often condemn her as jingoistic.

Tulsi’s beef is not with America, or with our democracy. Hillary Clinton and her cronies are the “U.S. establishment leaders” she has shamed, and it is Hillary’s corrupt grip on our politics that she challenges.

Coverage of our candidates in Russian media should not be an indicator of anyone being a favorite of the Russians anyway, but this skewing of results is evidence of outright malicious intent to defame Tulsi Gabbard, and the money trail tells us this was done for the Clinton Global Initiative.

Today, I learned that the research project that proclaims Tulsi Gabbard as “a favorite of the Russians” was commissioned by Democracy Fund.  http://archive.is/0FpJx 

Today, I learned that Democracy Fund is an Omidyar Project.  https://archive.is/7AIhR 

Today, I learned that billionaire Pierre Omidyar is a member of the Clinton Global Initiative (CGI), and that he has long pledged to finance CGI’s Public Relations Machine.  https://www.influencewatch.org/non-profit/clinton-global-initiative/ …

Hillary Clinton has falsely accused Tulsi of being a Russian asset, citing reports based on skewed data commissioned by her own Clinton Global Initiative, and has the country treating anyone who challenges her as if they’ve committed treason… AS IF she were Queen of America.

Really, America? We cool with this?

One does not even need to support the Kremlin to be called a treasonous Putin Puppet. They only need be critical of Hillary Clinton, the Clinton Foreign Policy Doctrine, or the Clinton funded #Resistance.

11 February 2020 Note: I need to write an article about this at some point, but here is a thread of threads about the Russian Oligarch who orchestrated the Neo-Red-Scare:

The defacement of Tulsi campaign signs across America, and the blatant voter intimidation that happened against Tulsi supporters during the Iowa caucuses is a sign of what is to come if this continues.

Tulsi Gabbard is a Patriot. To hell with Hillary Clinton. Save America… vote for Tulsi Gabbard.  https://girlygrrrl.com/a-president-we-can-trust/ …

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Author: Naomi Allen