#YangGang: Analysis of why alt-right trolls stan for Yang

I haven’t written about right-wing active measures for a while now. There really hasn’t been much, other than Qanon noise. Initially, I thought this had happened on purpose. I thought that the alt-right Nazis were toning down their racist rhetoric, the same way the Weimar Republic Nazis did, in order to solidify and grow their conservative base. But I now realize that the radical right is just plain fed up with Trump.

Cuz… Israel…

Chan propaganda Ops are starting up again, and they’re burning Trump in effigy. Alt-Right Trolls have picked a new Deity for their Death Cult and guess what? It’s a Democrat.

I did some snooping around the alt-right blogs to see if it’s all just a Clown Op (like the Tulsi Groyper Project), but I’m pretty sure this movement is genuine. Why? Because Andrew Anglin isn’t just spinning Memes, he’s actually defending them.

The latest #Infection: Trump is a potato head loser, beholden to the Jews. F*k the wall, secure the bag ($1K/month). Would you rather that money go to Israel? Better to be ruled by a Chinese spy, than another Israel puppet.

They’ve also renamed Trump’s slogan from MAGA to MIGA (Make Israel Great Again).

Pwning Boomers

Andrew Yang’s $1k/month UBI is a huge deal for them. They think it’s hilarious that he’s found a way to rob Boomers to give to Millennials. They view Yang’s policies as focused on benefiting younger generations at the expense of older ones.

They also think it’s hilarious that his policies could crash the economy. For the Chan Death Cult, Yang isn’t just a GEOTUS Hopeful — he’s a Horseman of the Apocalypse. One who they hope will smash the state and create enough chaos to trigger the Beginning of the End.

NazBol Party When?

And it didn’t take long for lefty chaos trolls to join the #YangGang… anarchists and eco-socialists who can’t wait to turn the world upside-down. Who would have guessed that the NazBol revolution would be wearing pink hats? It’s so ridiculous that few will take it seriously, until they have to.

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Author: Naomi Allen